"If you are going to separate yourself from the pack you have to develop your own identity and you aren't going to do that playing other people's songs."
-Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler ( my rock idol)

 Betsy Johnson ( fashion genious)

Kelly Wearstler (design goddess)

Admire. Don't Imitate. Put your signature on something original. Innovative. Reinterpret. Revamp. Rediscover. Repurpose. Reinvent....YOU. Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Embrace it. How many people can you think of that made it big from being NORMAL? ( case in point: images above...and....American obsession (not mine) with Lady Gaga, anyone?) You do you boo, you were made that way for a reason. Don't regurgitate and regenerate styles, songs, trends, fads, fashions, phases, designs, decorations, lifestyles, life choices that are currently rad and ultimately BAD because they are not a representation of YOU but of your infatuation or admiration for someone else or something else. Let your inner FREAK OUT. Who knows? You might be the next big thing if you do...

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