Minimalistic Moroccan Marriage

" Combine the extremes, and you will have the true center."- Karl Wilhelm Freidrich Schlegel 

It has happened...I am one of those girls now...I've got weddings on the brain BIG time... MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKETS...(it is wedding season after all). Please just take a moment with me to drool and swoon over the exquisite hand crafted amazing-ness that is the"exotic" handcrafted tradition of the Berber women from the far mountains of Northern Morocco. These beautiful blankets, called handira, are woven together by the bride's female relatives in anticipation for her big day. Each sequin is attached painstakingly by hand. Each knot carefully and lovingly tied. It is a collaborative effort that takes weeks to complete. As the blanket is pieced together the bride is taught about all of the marital responsibilities and expectations from the wisdom and experience of her relatives. The bride wears the wedding blanket as a cape during the formal ceremony and then is later used to ward off evil and to bestow good fortune and fertility to the newlyweds. This immaculate blanket is said to possess baraka, or blessings, for the couple...what a beautiful tradition!

So, in honor of my newfound love for these wedding blankets and for all the brides and grooms to be this wedding season I have put together a vision board syling featuring this lovely textile. Marriage is not only a union of two people but a union of two styles which, oftentimes don't mesh as seamlessly as matrimony may suggest. Let me introduce you to  my "couple" for this vision:
HIM: prefers simple, clean, tailored lines and minimalistic masculinity; not a fan of fluff and frills
HER: having a hard time letting go of her glamourous, pink, decadent, and diva-ish single girl ways 
SOLUTION: giving him the midcentury inspired, streamlined silhouettes and neutral pallet while accenting with metallic, faceted jewel like accessories, lush and luxurious textures, and graphic art for her. The emphasis is on wedding blanket and is further enhanced by the softness in materials and lighting with an elaborate collection of ecclectic mercury glass candlesticks, pale dove gray walls, breezy curtains, and white surroundings, sensual scalloped lines throughout, varying wood textures and finishes, and finally sturdy masculine leather and rectilinear forms to anchor the etherial airiness of the space ultimately creating a calm, serene, and happily compromised marriage retreat.

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Source: wedding blanket history

Bliss and Blessings,

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  1. I love this Christina! It is pretty and the blankets are such a sweet idea. :]


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