Perfectly Imperfect

      " Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections."
                                                               - Saint Francis de Sales

So, it is Wednesday and I am crashing HARD this morning after what was a highly (borderline overly) productive and optimistically hopeful Tuesday I now have the Wednesday blues. We have all had those days...where every job you applied for told you "no thanks," every mile you ran now paralyzes your movement, every ounce of excitement or hope seems to be doused with harsh reality. Didn't take long for my "sunshine" Monday post to become overcast today... BUT instead of dwelling in what could easily become a day long pity party I am going to celebrate the new day and cast aside my fears, doubts, anxiety, stress, worry, and uncertainty to someone far more capable of determining the path for my life than I am...I am CHOOSING to not let THIS NEGATIVITY determine the course of my day. I am choosing to live by faith. 

How often do we focus on the petty have-nots of our lives and in turn overpass the multitude of blessings we have been graciously bestowed? How often do we analytically over-scrutinize our imperfections when our flaws are what make us beautiful, unique, distinctive, desirable, and original? Take this ABSOLUTELY STUNNING peacock for example. What could easily be pessimistically construed as a genetic flaw and cast off to the side as "no good," "not needed... but we will keep your resume on file," "not wanted," "not loved," "not beautiful," "not what we are looking for..." is really, in my personal opinion, one of the most breathtaking displays of unparalleled individualism.

So today I challenge you to stand in front of the mirror and rather than calling out your flaws force yourself to say, out loud, why those flaws make you beautiful. What are five things you have going for you this morning...and every morning? It's all about perspective...change yours. Embrace life's imperfections. Embrace your imperfections. Spread your feathers and walk in confidence today. Remember, just because it isn't the way you thought it would be...wanted it to be, doesn't mean it isn't the way it should be. There is a plan for your life in the making, in the subtext, greater than what you could have ever made, dreamed, or imagined for yourself.

Perfectly Imperfect Things:

Perfectly Imperfect Nature Boy

Embracing this Imperfect Day,

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