Pink, it was love at first sight

Inspired from the graphic poster from this morning's posting I've decided to dedicated this evenings to my new favorite color...

So, In case you have been living under a rock the past few months or aren't familiar with or up-to-date on this color issue... the Pantone color of the year is Honeysuckle. I know, this post is a little late jumping on the band wagon but I just started this blog a few days ago, give me a break!

Now, I've never considered myself a "pink" girl; I MAYBE own one "pink" article of clothing...maybe. I have just never felt hot pink, bubblegum pink, baby pink, barbie pink, pepto-bismol pink, highlighter pink...whatever pink you want to call it...really represented my personality or personal style. I think it's pretty but I have never found myself drawn to it- not even in nature...pink roses? Ehhh I'll pass...bronze/coral dahlia... now your talking!

But lately I have been warming up to this haute hue and have found myself in an out-of-control, obsessive love affair with pink's cousins. My new go to's are blush, coral, pinky- nudes, peony, champagne, peach, sorbet, rose gold...anything with an orange base or undertone...and, on the other end of the pink spectrum, orchid, azalea, and variations with blue bravada coursing their vibrant saturation. I find myself unable to fully commit to the true "pinks" but BEYOND smitten with all her relatives. They have quickly and quietly taken over my closet, home, visual radar, and design musings with lasting resonance providing frequent doses of feminine exuberance and confidence that runs the gamut from coy yet ladylike flirtations to brazen and unapologetic declarations of "I AM WOMAN!"

So how do I like my pink served you ask? Regardless of whether the color comes in a soft caress or a concentrated punch I like it with a flash of edgy, a pinch of spicy, a dash of saucy, and a mound of confidence; this is not a color to be taken lightly. Here are my favorite color pairings for this year's colour-de-jour:

Clockwise from top left:
Festively feathery frocks from Badgley Mischka's S/S 2011 line and faceted lamps with crisp white accents

Finally, my favorite of all: COLORBLOCKING

Insanely long post, I know...but this is but of course the color of the YEAR!
Leaving you with an appropriately titled song from my FAVORITE band to enjoy while pondering how you can pay tribute to pink this week and to yourself. Challenge yourself. Dare to venture into unknown realms of your femininity- or masculinity. Wear pink in a way you never have before with colors your mother always told you to never mix and match. Who cares what others will say or think. This is about empowering yourself, letting go, and letting life. Pick a pink flower from the backyard, admire the wildflowers along the interstate, revamp an old pink friend from your closet, buy a pink shirt on sale, or go all out and buy a pink sofa!

With Visions of Pink Sugarplums,

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