Southern Living Sentiments and Spirited Beginnings

“Every Production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”- William Somerset Maugham

I have been given a distinct calling in my life. Design is my passion and my love. It has been since I was a little girl and "designed" my first "residential space" from a floor plan I tore out of my mom's Southern Living and redrew on grid paper stapled with paint samples and swatches from Lowe's. Yes, at the ripe age of 10 I was quite the peculiar one as I was an avid reader of Southern Living and opted to watch HGTV instead of Nickelodeon. Design is in my blood. Before I was even a teenager I was obsessed with painting, sketching, and sewing...one year for Christmas I even gave everyone oil paintings I had done. Lines, colors, textures, hues, saturations, contrast, furniture silhouettes, eclectic groupings and styling, light patterns, craftsmanship, the interactions of things- of people and nature...it is virtually impossible for me to go anywhere, inside or outside,  without observing, appreciating, and mentally noting the beauty and context of what surrounds me. It's like a sixth sense. An acute and heightened sense for everything happening and existing in my surroundings. EVERYTHING. It is a great blessing and privilege to be so keenly aware of the intrinsic being and intimate details of that which surrounds me...and also a curse, at times, to analyze and scrutinize everything I see down to minute details...but maybe that is just the hint of OCD in me.

As a recent college graduate with a BFA in Interior Design I am now embarking on this next leg of life...my next chapter further into adulthood. As I maneuver through the ups and downs and push onward through the gentle waves and vicious storms that life is about to hand me I am starting this blog to remind myself, and maybe even you as well, of my passion and my purpose, to document ideas and inspirations along the way, to reassure myself of my love for what I do and remind myself of the infatuation I felt with design as a little girl sitting in my parent's living room organizing paint chips and furniture pictures to design my "dream home."

Image: Notebook of Southern Living "design" kept from childhood

Love and Inspirations,

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