Ace of Spades

I could go on and on and on for days about how much I love Kate Spade. Not only because their clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry are ridiculously lovely with a tinge of quirky but because their store, branding, advertisements and visual merchandising reflects the same wit and whimsy...(I know I've mentioned this before) but I EAT IT UP! Seriously love this company and here is why:
{London store}
Spade shades...branding at its finest

Open the door to find:

A party of an entryway

Words are not needed

Love this

The best shade of green I have ever seen

The rug...The fuchsia balloon chair....I die

the yellow square painted on the wall.....I mean first of all it's yellow and second of all it genius...who says you can't paint a random floating yellow square on two conjoining walls with no context other than it matches the seat pillows? Umm yes please.

mirror insert in fireplace and striking red walls

colorful striped stairs and flirtations photograph genius

{New York Store}
Painted sidewalks to continue interior theme.....Mmm Mmmm good

Installation art. Perfection.

Sequined wall....amazing

Things I'm totally digging at Kate Spade right now:

It is impossible to look at this website or visit this store without feeling doused in cheer, whimsy, optimism, and sunshine.

Live Colorfully,

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  1. Just another reason why I need to go to London! KS does it again!
    xo Tia | www.bigcitytyro.com


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