To counteract the entirely masculine post from yesterday here is a frankly feminine post regarding another one of my favorite flowers, and one that has significant intrinsic meaning to me, the hydrangea. 

Its sturdy wooden stems and lace-like pompom of star shaped flowers packed closely together and tethering in the breeze nestled by large, gracefully shaped leaves is a vivid visual image and memory of my childhood. My Grandma and Pawpaw used to have a GORGEOUS hydrangea bush on the side of their yard that was the most intense shade of blue I have ever seen. It was HUGE and spanned roughly the entire right side of their house. When I would go visit them as a kid I would oftentimes pick the petals and scatter them in the yard and throw them in the air like confetti and watch the blue cascade back down to earth like fallen pieces of the Carolina blue sky. I was captivated by this. Later on in my life my Meme became very ill with cancer. While she was in the hospital my boyfriend and his family brought her a stunning bright pink potted hydrangea. After she passed away we planted this in the yard at her house in remembrance of her so that every time we saw it it was like she was with us. If you know anything about hydrangeas they range in color from white to pale blue to royal blue to deep violet and pink depending on the acidity of the soil. Well the acidity of the soil in the ground was different from the pot it was originally in so over the past few years not only have we been able to watch this single cutting in a pot bloom and blossom into a large bountiful bush but also to watch the pink slowly transition towards blue. Right now it is the most breathtaking and intense shade of violet I have ever seen. Here is a cutting of it on our kitchen table:

and in the yard (note: this picture is from an upcoming project I can't wait to share with you, I don't actually water my plants in cocktail couture....or do I?):

Hydrangeas were first discovered in Japan, and its name comes from the Greek “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel.  These meanings roughly translate to “water barrel” which refers to the hydrangea’s need for lots of water as well as its cup-shaped flower. The exact symbolic meaning of the hydrangea is debated and ranges along with its color variations. Some connect the meaning of vanity and boastfulness with the rich royal blues and purples and abundance of petals and lavish shape while others suggest it expresses the giver's sense of gratefulness for the recipient's understanding. Another meaning suggests a bouquet expresses anything that is sincere and heartfelt. (Source)

 Because of the intimate place this flower holds in my heart and the memories and people I treasured that I connect it with I am always completely moved, slightly choked up, and totally in awe whenever I see one. Here are some pictures I have taken over the years of these beauties:

The variations in the colors is unreal

I love the quirky quality to these oddly shaped ones

GORGEOUS ( these were the color of my Meme's potted cutting)

And so here I leave you with some equally breathtaking hydrangeas that won't wilt or fade:

Handmade porcelain hydrangea vase (for displaying a cutting from a beautiful bush); hydrangea watercolor (the softness of this is enchanting); delicate silver hydrangea petal necklace

Royal icing sugar cookie made to match the hydrangea tablecloth (way to pretty to eat); hydrangea wall art (done with stencils!); delightfully delicate hydrangea scarf (want this!); hydrangea inspired drawer pull; hydrangea wallpaper ( a little traditional for my taste but could be a knock out with some killer modern furniture)

Flirtatious and fun hydrangea blossom pillow; modern hydrangea inspired wallpaper; STUNNING hydrangea HAND SEWN LACE (Yes, that is lace, I mean have you ever seen anything so remarkable?!); Another hydrangea watercolor; and a beyond fabulous hydrangea petal pouf (neeeeeeddddd this in my house five minutes ago)

And come on, I die
Summer in the English countryside much? Amazing. Want to be here RIGHT NOW.

Hope your day blossoms and blooms with color, vibrancy, hope, happiness, and life,

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