Chitty Chitty BANG

I've always been a goody good by nature and am not ashamed to admit that I have come dangerously close to the boarder line of nerdome in my adolescence; but I'm totally cool with that....because...my alter ego living inside of me is a total bad a. No, seriously. This dark and dangerous Christina is like a dormant volcano. You see bits and pieces of her activity surface here and there through strappy and dangerously high and studded heels, leather military tough girl jackets, charcoal grey nails, occasional bursts of leopard print, and limbs excessively covered in obnoxious amounts of semi gaudy jewelry with Liberace rings on every finger. This, of course, is always downplayed by my ruffled girl-next-door dresses and sweet southern smile ;) Fooled you, huh?

This Christina has always been drawn to the fierce recklessness that comes with the brazen persona to stomp through life claiming your turf and vehemently growling at whoever and whatever stands in your way. From fashion choices in my wardrobe to decor in my home I find great delight in the edgy and unexpected semi quirkiness that comes with a serious statement of your dark side.

I feel like this Christina has great potential to be....a mob wife

"Some people like to talk. but I'm into doing,
What I feel like doing, when I'm inspired to..."



Now, for those of you who may be offended by this let me make clear that I am in no way condoning or supporting violent acts and unlawful debaucheries...the good girl in me won't allow it. I am simply stating that for whatever reason society has always chosen to glamorize this lifestyle and showcase it in a limelight of fabulocity...aaaand I kinda dig it (the aesthetics of course not the blood trail)

Case in point: I became beyond obsessed with General Hospital at the ripe young age of 14 ( I am an old soul after all) and like any 40 year old woman I would religiously watch it everyday screening all calls and life interventions during the precious time window of 3-4pm. Even in college I would adamantly force myself to stay awake after working on projects in the studio in the art building til 3am to watch my vhs recording of this (I like to keep things old school) even if I had an 8am. And, if you know anything about the immaculate acting of this show you know that most of the story lines do not, in fact, occur in a hospital. One of the main characters and my longtime love on the show...SONNY CORINTHOS...a notorious gangsta that is oh-so suave and impossible to hate:

and his wing man JASON...yummy

and some more mainstream mobsters carry the same air of public adoration despite their dangerous and deceitful dauntings

Jonny Depp-Public Enemies

and old blue eyes

I thoroughly believe in incorporating elements of your alter ego randomly throughout your space as a subtle reflection of you and as a contrast and juxtaposition within the aesthetics of the room...as well as an idiosyncratic conversation starter. So, here are some gangsta mob wife wanna-be accessories that are sure to let you know who's boss lady:

Tripod ceramic gun vase (note: I would not put red roses in here- cliche); One of my favorite Andy Warhol prints (bought this for my boyfriend so he can be gangsta too); A crystal bullet case necklace (as an outward fashionable symbol of your apparent "hard-ness"); a mink throw and chinchilla pillow (faux of course!); ak47 chaise lounge; gangsta poster; and my favorite ak47 floor lamp by Phillipe Stark that I have adored since I first laid eyes on it freshman year in college.

If I was designing Sonny's mansion I would totally put this in his foyer. I actually have always thought this was super rad and would be an amazingly chic disassociated focal piece in the right environment.

Or maybe some subtle artwork made of bullet holes to state: I am gangsta, and I am cultured and sophisticated

And finally, If I was a mob wife I would dress like this all the time and shop with my hubby's dirty money for expensive things (note: this picture is also from a photo shoot for an upcoming project!)

I would wear vintage snow leopard fur coats (attention PETA: faux!)

And divinely spiky Louboutins, because, your shoes should always be to die for....and....double as a lethal weapon

Liquid leather leggings because they are edgy like WOAH

Once again, layer myself in obnoxious jewelry (except these would be diamonds not rhinestones)

And I would wear this ring that somewhat resembles brass knuckles because when I hit you in the face with it...the war really will be over

What's your alter ego? Leave me a message and let me know!

Leave the gun, take the cannoli,

P.S. side note read this story about how this girl got arrested at the airport for wearing this ring! shocking!


  1. those shoes? where can I find them? haha

  2. walk out your apartment door and down 5th honey! Totally julia shoes!


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