Color File: New Nautical

This weekend my eyes happened upon this dress
which reminded me of this painting

and  made me fall hopelessly in love..


what an amazingly appetizing color combination..the names alone are helplessly alluring..

Now, I know what you are thinking orange and blue, navy and coral, been there done that, tale as old as time...but your wrong. Because the dimensional facets of these haute hues are intricately different to the trained eye and are most certainly a marriage predestined by color heaven.

The concentration of sheer optimism and the consolidated vibrancy and energy of the delicate mixture of reds, oranges, and slight dash of yellows paired with its coyly passionate pop leaves you with a powerfully punchy yet proper PERSIMMON.

This room is paradise with the contrast of crisp, textural, and graphic whites

Stripped runner creates a playful entry hall; sensational organic lines and texture reaches to the sky in this original coral chandelier; bold and graphic rug with fabulous interlacing arabesque design; this desk has so much personality I could sit here for hours; labyrinth pillow; persimmon print pillow; ikat inspired persimmon sheets (would be fabulous with all white bedding!)

as I was researching for this blog I found this picture of an engagement shoot in a persimmon orchard...whimsical, ethereal, and undeniably romantic...sigh

And then the dramatically and defiantly dark blues that declare themselves with hints and hues of black, grey, indigo, and violet to create unmistakeably one-of-a kind INK that glimmers and variates its appearance from stern and sophisticated-ly proper to slightly playful as the light hits its surface like sun drenched waves...

love the navy lacquered walls in this Nate Berkus design

custom ink screen print of vintage globe in thick white matting (perfection); lovely rug with tons of tonal variation for an organic and handmade feel; Lord Bodner's famous octopus triptych (love this piece-will own it one day); vintage Japanese cotton in a painstakingly detailed ink design; same sheets as before in-you guessed it-ink (because I couldn't decide which I loved more); lovely painters stripe fabric would make the most perfect billowy curtains

adorable nautical print (perfect for a child's room)

or this painting for a more sophisticated adult room

If you feel super nautical and want to take your persimmon and ink beach side with this DVF towel  
and have a picnic with these lovelies

Wishing you a day punchy as persimmon and inspiring as ink,

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