I've said it before and I'll say it again I DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES, I don't care that I don't, and I don't care that others care that I don't.

Because who had the authority to come up with these "design rules" anyways?

This is my rebellious side.

The girl that throws caution to the wind, lives passionately and vivaciously, carefree and effervescent. The girl with selective hearing, decided vision, dedicated pursuit, and unfaltering persistence.

That girl/guy lives inside of you too....waaaayyyyy deep inside, to some degree or another, find them, get to know them, embrace them, tag along with them, go shopping with them, listen to their advice...they are FABULOUS...

They push boundaries, break through barriers, slash red tape, shatter glass ceilings, turn "in the box" upside down and take "out of the box" to a whole new stratum, turn heads, elicit chatter, blaze trails, topple pedestals, morph perfection, redefine beauty and style, and fearlessly and explicitly conquer new terrain...and then move on...to scene two.

This is a new post series I am starting and I am sure will continue for quite some time because, as you can tell, the rule book ruffles my feathers. Our first misconception to address: SURFACES. The idea that wallpaper is only for walls, stencils are only for arts and crafts, floor patterns are only for oriental rugs or terrazzo, words are only for books and signs, stairs are only utilitarian, and ceilings are not allowed to be front row center. Here are some cheeky, brazen, impudent, saucy, and blatantly defiant ground level galleries I adore, salute, and extol.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind....on your floor or to start painting it red...and stop mid stroke because you dig the streaks and variations

or to take a bold graphic pattern and run with it..and to be okay if your floor is the first and possibly only thing people notice (just make sure to sweep occasionally)

Or to do everything seen in this inconceivably stupendous space...let me rant for a second...subtle pattern painted on floor for graphic interest and contrast, nail head trim on textured wallpaper, orange lacquered ceiling....oh my...so in love with the gallant execution of these surfaces...I'm fairly sure when they initially dreamt up this gloriously audacious design more than a few eyebrows were raised...but come on, there is no denying that it is absolutely dashing.

Don't be afraid to explore surfaces in two of the most important and highly regulated spaces in your home: the bathroom, and kitchen....No, you don't have to have tile in your bathroom and yes, you can spice up traditional aesthetics with  classic and timeless takes on chevron ranging from subtle to bold depending on your taste.

and yes, you can paint concrete

and yes, you can stain or paint wood in funky patterns (I know this cardinal no no may make you faint but IT IS OKAY and beyond chic)


Now, stencils are a touchy subject with me...there is a fine fine fine fine fine fine fine line between country kitchen and kitschy chic but bold statements like this and the lace stencil below convince me otherwise. Plus, it is a great way to embrace the imperfection of your floors and to extol the energy of your persona and enterprise of your creativity.

And that brings us to some stairways that could only lead to heaven:


Feeling Pottery Barn-esque....don't be afraid to take your stencils vertical and roll call your stairs

Or stencil your favorite quotes, sayings, song lyrics, poems .....etc (be careful with this one it has the potential to be cheesy lets establish some guidelines now that Justin Beiber or anyone in his genre...are not appropriate selections)

or PAINT a runner on your stairs....and change the color as often as you like

Or paint every stair a different color

Or every spindle a different color.....THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN.... love love love love love....such a musical rhythm as it ascends

Go ahead, wallpaper your risers

Or go disco-balls-to-the-wall you dancing queen and use mosaic mirror tiles for the risers for an unorthodox-ly glamorous entryway.

I challenge you today to take any preconceived notions, restrictive rules/guidelines/regulations, unprecedented "what to's" and "what not to's," fearsome uncertainties, paralyzing insecurities, societal categorizations, cultural command, peer induced dictates, and stereotypical legislation AND THROW IT ON THE GROUND. And then step on it in your pony hair leopard print pumps.

Be a Design Daredevil,

P.S. And just because this video is ha-lurious (and inspired the name of the blog)


  1. Wow!! I am in love with all of this, and I am the same way. Who cars anout rules!? My favorites are the ones with the stairs, ecspecially the quotes and the runner.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. Thanks so much Chelsea! Keep doing you; originality is key!

  3. Such lovely floor designs! It would be so nice to have a custom-made floor or staircase just for you. Not only are you making your living space more personalized but the added paint or coating serves as another protective layer to your flooring.


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