Do Work, Son

     “If there is a message at all, it's probably that we have to recognize in ourselves how we feel morally about certain things and make sure we follow that up with our actions.”
- Estee Lauder

I have been obsessed for a long time with Aerin Lauder (granddaughter of the makeup mega brand founder). She is so stunning, graceful, naturally beautiful...and girlfriend's got style. Please look at this picture of her office desk. Amazing.

And this spread from Elle Decor. So effortlessly chic.

But my real obsession with her started with this photo of her at home office.....AND THIS TRÈS FABULOUS DESK....oh....my....gosh.....I'm in love. I have been pining over this circa 1970s Italian brass covered wood masterpiece for years now and finally found a reproduction (not as shiny as hers but I'm not that particular). Please just take a moment to gasp with me at the silhouette of those legs....wow.

So if I ever become the legend behind a huge mega industry like Estee Lauder Here is what my fantasy office would look like:

The doors entering my office would be wallpapered in this amazing metallic wallpaper to set the stage for the insane amount of glamor you are about to witness at my desk; the desk of all desks of course sits front and center; a plush deep charcoal velvet high back offers refinement, dignity, and boss-lady status (RESPECT); two 1940's Knossos throne chairs mimic the high silhouette from across the shimmery desk; studded velvet pillows in each also reflect the nail head detail of the desk chair; obnoxiously large and lavish vases full of gardenias, white roses, and white peonies will fill the space and will be picked fresh daily by my gardener (because I will be living in the English countryside house from yesterday's post); A colorful deco inspired rug anchors the space and adds warmth, color, and personality; a spidery brass wire chandelier illuminates the royal desk from above; and behind it all....a full wall mural of the most immaculate fabric I have ever laid eyes on...total perfection
my desk and office area will be organized within an inch of its life thanks to my OCD tendencies in theses chic and simple white lacquer trays

This stunning faceted geode lamp with posh and tailored black shade will add some sparkle to my shine

and my other office accessories will be equally fab with this horned magnifier; the most stellar pens and pencils ever; a gold elephant tape dispenser (never in my life have I wanted a tape dispenser so bad) and coordinating monkey card holder;a vintage telephone because I like to keep it old school; fabulous Ikat notebooks to scribble my thoughts and to-do's and a "keep calm carry on" to remind me to keep said OCD in check; fun striped paperclips; a gorgeous art deco inspired malachite jewelry box to hid all my pens, pencils, and paperclips; and a cute and quirky glass paperweight that can be customized in any of the below (plus dozens more -I had to stop myself from getting carried away here) beyond amazing designs:

If I had this office I would be a workaholic and never leave the confines of its metallic masterpieces of doors.

Get Back To Work, Break's Over,

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