Fashion File: Orange Crush

So, I've been reading Vogue since I was roughly 13 and have always had a distinct infatuation with the behemoth world that is the fashion industry (I even started off my career path towards fashion design before switching to interiors). It's really amazing how the approach, considerations, design execution process, and inspirations for fashion sync so synonymously in tune with those of interior design.

I get a lot of my inspirations for my designs from clothing construction, runway collections, and fashion house collaborations. The colors, textures, detailing, textiles, storyline, performance of it all...words can't explain what it does for me... so, this starts a series of posts that pay homage to the ad campaigns that reach out from my Vogue and grab my eyes and my heart.

une part: Hermès
If you know me well you know that among the list of frivolous things that are close to my heart silk scarves are pretty high ranking. I LOVE scarves. I also LOVE horses (I grew up riding them every summer). So obviously Hermès hits my sweet tooth pretty hard.

But the thing that I appreciate most about this company (besides their to-die-for-richly-saturated-perfect shade-of-orange branding and boxes) are their ad campaigns...absolute GENIUS.

I mean, right?


I realize that decorating and adorning one's home with Hermès accessories has already been well covered in major design publications and may seem like an oh-this-old-couture-thing? nod to the been-there done-that to some, but I stand firm in my belief that this is not a dead horse you can beat. I cannot get enough of it. This classic will never go out of style in my heart or aesthetic...So, to highlight my orange crush here are some undeniably posh Hermès and Hermès-inspired (yes you can get this look for less!) accoutrements:

Vintage Hermès serving tray (omygosh want); Hermès throw, equestrian flatware, bracelets and Pippa armchair (the shape! the color! the leather! oh my!) Orange lacquered midcentury table; Ceramic horse head

and some of my favorite images highlighting these little orange boxes (one day I hope to have this many to display!)

Image: Traditional Home

And their scarves...I would kill
to take this one (or a vintage one with a pretty pattern for non-Hermès budgets)

and frame it under glass and mount as a table top


and while we are feeling equestrian how amazing is this etsy find?

and my Favorite interior by Thom Filicia...I spy 3 things I love (1. YELLOW! klismos chairs 2. breathtaking and over-the-top-scale horse photograph 3. sculpture in window)

"Good taste has no price tag" -Billy Baldwin

Now I want to make sure and hit this home because this post is not intended to materialize and monetize what "good style" is. Good taste isn't necessarily about designer labels and name brand couture (although if this is in your budget more power to you!) It isn't about keeping up with the Joneses and accumulating items for showcase that hold no value to you other than their price tag...it is about finding your personal style, finding things you love and that will make your space a reflection of you and if that is from a vintage designer archive or a common house design room arcade...OWN YOUR STYLE! It's what makes you so fabulous, dahling.

I could write an entire novel on the art of bargain shopping (seriously I might do some blog posts on this) never in my life have I payed more than $30 for an article of clothing (name brand included) and I rarely even look at anything but the sales rack. This makes me sound cheap but what started out as a babe on a budget necessity turned into a game of sorts. It is all about the hunt (and the satisfaction of knowing you paid $10 for something someone else payed $80 for). Checkmate, honey. Confidence is key and if you walk into Neiman's rocking your $15 Banana blouse and Target shoes like it's your job (which I frequently do to drool over the real life versions of my Vogue editorials) I can almost guarantee that 9 times out of 10 you will get the same treatment as if you were wearing vintage Chanel. The same goes for interior design. If you can afford a house full of priceless antiques and artwork AWESOME! Designing for you is like a kid in a candy store! If your fresh out of college and completely broke AWESOME! Translate that Ikea furniture and those Walmart frames into a chic retreat that is equally stunning because it's YOU.

So the point of that rant and the point of this post...yes, I frequently flutter and fawn over chic couture and pricey pieces but then I translate that love, that inspiration (whether it be for clothing or a room), into something that is distinctly and unmistakable me and that is practical for my lifestyle.

Orange You Glad You Can Customize Couture?

P.S. I leave you with my scarf tying secret weapon (feel privileged I rarely disclose this knotty secret)

Download your own here

and some "screen leather" for your computer background so you can work in style

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