Get On My Level

If you cracked open my brain right now this is what you would find floating around:

this amazing chandelier

this ridiculously fab chair 

this STUNNING silver leaf on linen wave mural (pictures don't do it justice) 

this alpaca throw (if you can't tell yet I am currently obsessed with octupi for some reason)

This seriously dramatic chair 

these bookcovers of two of my favorite books by my favorite illustrator, C.S. Neal

This dress 

These shoes 

and this guy

 wondering what this ginger broke/wants

and this song (don't judge...it has been stuck in my head ever since my sis played it this morning while doing these (in honor of the glitter post yesterday)

{see how to here}

and I used to love James Van der Beek so much...what a shame...it is catchy as heck though...

I am raving inside my brain.

Have a splendidly curious day,

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