June Bug

it was june

the flowers were out
the air felt sweet
children came out to play
the smell of cotton candy
the fresh taste of cold beer
the sun warm on his cheeks
suddenly she was there
like a plant.

now born
smilling and reaching for his hand
he melted inside
his head swirled
he was bitten by the june bug
-yvonne selase nyahe

June is finally here and, even though the 90 degree temperature makes it feel more like August, it is a new month, a new page, finally summer, and a sense of freedom and possibility saturates the air along with a warm, sundrenched disposition.

I've got the June bug. I am ready to make some changes this month, to accomplish some goals, to bask in the sun, to kick back and enjoy the summer and all it brings while kicking the heck out of my to-do list. Feeling ambitions, inspired, motivated, optimistic, hopeful, and faithful of things to come.

 In honor of this June Bug here is a ode to my favorite little insect (and those of you who know me KNOW I have some beef with insects esp. this little guy's cousins who infested my apartment and college dorm room- another story)


I have long had an indescribable obsession and infatuation with the art deco era of design. I love everything about it especially the egyptian influence. Egypt is on my list of top ten places I want to visit before I kick the bucket and anything and everything design that has any reminent of Egyptian influence in it (Egyptian revival, Hollywood Regency, Art Deco...) is magnatizing to me. So here are some of my favorite scarab motifs and decor items:

 Clockwise from top left: My vintage scarab bracelet (thanks, mom!); intricately beaded scarab collar (would die to own this and LOVE to see someone rock this out with a chic simple wedding dress- any to-be brides out there?!); vintage scarab wallpaper (frame as art!); art deco wallpaper; scarab fabric (bolsters please!): vintage Egypt travel poster (these colors are gorg.); jonathan adler scarab pillow; beetle needlepoint pillow; harlequin beetle plate; silk screenprint egyptian motif pillow (again, COLORS!)

Don't let the June Bug's bite,


  1. I am SO proud of you. LOVE the blog
    Sherry Brooks

  2. thank you so much! YOU were my inspiration to start this career path to begin with! miss having you as my teacher!


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