Killer Queen

{Forewarning: this post is somewhat dark, dreary, and daunting}

For phase 2 of my design inspirations from the pages of Vogue we are taking a dismal plunge into the fashion genius of the late Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) exploded onto the fashion scene in 1992 as the new "Le enfant terrible." Throughout his career he delighted and shocked audiences with his theatrical showmanship, outrageously aggressive bespoke detailing and tailoring, dark romanticism, and raw and perverse catwalk narratives with peculiar and sickly looking models and provoking psychological allusions. This avant garde artist allured controversy with each design and show inspired by cult films by Alfred Hitchock and dark photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin. However, even amid consistent resistance, negative press, supreme contest from the public, and deep misunderstandings of his visions and persona McQueen pushed forward to establish what is now an internationally acclaimed fashion house WITHOUT COMPROMISING HIS VISION OR APPROACH. {Source}

His signature icon was and is a scull as seen below in his coveted scarves

Love him or hate him there is absolutely no question as to the quality of his pieces and sheer creative sagacity. Many of these pieces are misunderstood because they are meant for show not for street wear. They are meant to be daringly provocative works of art. One of my absolute favorite pieces by him are the 10 inch Armadillo Heels seen in one of my favorite editorials in Harpars Bazaar styled by Rachel Zoe and even more frequently by Lady Gaga. These shoes...on the catwalk...a performance like none other...

...and some of my all time favorite designs by the late designer...

Now, I realize that many people may feel a sense of slight unsettle at the macabre nature of this couture, or, maybe you are fascinated by the disturbing psychological nature and sinister quality, either way you can incorporate lurid accent pieces into your home, wardrobe, and lifestyle with a scale and amount that is appropriate to your personality and comfort level and without coming across as excessively melodramatic or offensive. Here are some of what I felt were some of the tamer edgy elements that are still reflective of the McQueen aura:

Tufted, Gothic black velvet headboard (stunning); large scale (like 75"x94") wall mural of an engraving of a skull by the Natural History Museum of London; McQueen rug for The Rug Company (before his death); metallic union jack chair (used by the Spice Girls); Vivienne Westwood distressed union Jack rug; tartan stair runner (LOVE!); black lacquered Baroque settee; Mcqueen pillows; McQueen clutch; fashion art of McQueens spring 2010 collection; tartan bentwood chairs

One look at this image and there is simply no way you can question the eerily ethereal expertise of McQueen
Image from his Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. {If you are in the NYC area check it out it last until July 31.}

Today have confidence in your style, your vision, your ideas, your execution, you may face controversy and adversity but if you proceed forward without compromising the sincerity of your approach you will succeed and bask in the veracity of your authenticity, and eventually others will grow to respect your rigid and transparent honesty.

Hail to McQueen,

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