Macaroons Ma Chère

I have been obsessed with this commercial since I first laid eyes on it

Miss Dior Cherie

Feeling slightly French, enticingly feminine and bashfully flirtatious today...

I have said before I am not much of a pink girl, but today I find myself fawning over the unpretentiously ravishing blush tones of all things dainty and delicate, pastel and pretty, soft and subdued.
Today I am Miss Christina Chère.

I wish to host elegant tea parties in a stately dining hall full of intricate moldings and gilded mirrors where all of my guests will sit in pastel eames chairs as assorted as the pettifores, macaroons, and ladyfingers I have prepared nestled on silver trays and doilies.

I wish the room to be filled with whimsical balloons like this breathtaking print

and plenty of pink champagne

My girlfriends will arrive in their best (pastel of course) party dresses

 by pink Italian vespas

all the while I prepare and pamper for their arrival at a vanity spilling with beads, baubles, buttons, perfume, and peonies.....in my very cherie boudoir.

{Note: all images via Pinterest}

I will take a nap on my simply elegant bed beneath a feathery and frothy pom-pom chandelier until the crystal clock on my vintage suitcase side table rings, I will then soak in my pink tub, and then prance around in my blush and beaded Louboutins eating French macaroons and lounging on my vintage chaise and sumptuous peach velvet antique chair (whose skirt will have been removed to reveal stunning ebony cabriole legs) until it is time to powder my nose and pin my hair in my refined and ruffled mirror. 

I will loop and pin my hair into a romantically dreamy 'do 

Layer on my most ostentatious statement necklaces and frilliest frock

and wait outside for my dear friends to arrive.

Wishing you a day of the equivalent of that.
Joie de vivre,

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  1. I am definitely a pink girl. Always have been and probably always will be. I love those pictures of you Christina! You are so beautiful.


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