Feeling empowered, strengthened, and fabulously feminine this morning after some yoga, a 5 mile run, and personal wardrobe styling my closet...for an upcoming blog, perhaps? As I am currently fresh out of college and broke I am revamping and reassessing my wardrobe and my style and challenging myself to reinvent, get creative, and re-purpose what I already have in order to save, recycle, and reinvent. I have found that shopping in your own closet is just as inspiring and fun as shopping for new things. It is amazing what you can discover and where your creative mind will organically take you if you allow yourself the opportunity to dig, explore, and assimilate. So in light of this here is a tasteful and classy boudoir that is sure to make you fawn and faint and feel oh-so-fabulous.

I picture lacquered ivory floor to ceiling wardrobe storage with glass hardware

The doors to the boudoir will be inlaid with mirrored penny tile for a jewel box effect 

Sensual, oyster colored, art nouveau S-curves scale an accent wall and the back of any exposed shelving and gently shimmer in the light of a over sized crystal globe with a opalescent finish. Dramatic, black lacquered walls insulate the rest of the space. A vintage french vanity sits catty corner in a soft mint green gilded within an inch of its life. Fresh flowers sit atop and a large, over sized mirror sits behind it spanning almost the entire wall. A dramatic Italian boudoir chair cozies up to it with a mohair cushion. Oh how plush! Bringing sexy back on the floor with a zebra patterned cowhide rug splattered with gold metallic paint- FABULOUS! A gold jonathan adler table sits across the space next to a decidedly Gothic feeling hooded chair and a plush pink settee.

Next to the settee sits another one of girl's best friends, a ceramic greyhound for kicks and giggles and a large Lucite candelabra tops the gold table. Graphic, bold, and metallic pillows are scattered throughout for leisure and comfort.

And the piece-de-resistance? These INSANE art pieces hung in thick mats and gilded gold frames in a streamline statement.

And, perhaps this image from Vogue Latin America October 2010 is flipped open for more tastefully elegant inspiration.

Bon Chic Bon Genre,

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