Personal: My {Daddy's} Girl

Loving on my daddy today. I am a very blessed girl.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of him over the years...

{I'm the one on the left}

{daddy with his family missing Pawpaw and Grandmaw today too }
{another one with grandpa and his girls}

{mom and dad stylin}

{daddy's girls}

{the village we put together every Christmas}

{with my sisters}

{doing what we do best: sit on the beach and shove moon pies in our pie holes}

{with his b.f.f. (miss you baby p)}

 {they LOVED riding in the truck together}
{our favorite thing to do together}

{besides this}

{two peas in a pod with my lil pea head}

{last father's day}

{and just because it is HILARIOUS- sorry dad}

Hope everyone is enjoying, remembering, or looking forward to daddy hood today,

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