Ram, Bam, Thank Ya Ma'am

Another longtime love of mine? Hollywood Regency
I have dreamed and drooled for some time now over the IMMACULATE gilded Italian ram's head table bases featured here and am not ashamed to admit that one of my most prominent life goals is to place these pups in a room in my house and eat with them at every meal. (I am also not ashamed to admit that if this life goal is met and all the other aren't...I won't disappointed!)

So here is my fantasy:
A crisp white interior, a blank canvas, dripping in warm sunshine and delightfully prim and delicate with over-the-top detailing and molding...so chic

Image via Metropolitan Home
Juxtapose this with the GREATEST table base I have ever laid my eyes on...I mean words cannot describe the amount of joy that wells up in me and the flutter  my heart feels when I see this... and top it with a live edge walnut table slab (GORGEOUS piece of wood with a dark grain and contrasting edges). Love the contrast of polish and raw here.

Next, add a breathtaking midcentury sputnik with gem like green bulbs (which will cast an INSANE light in the room)

And a seriously studded credenza (edgy yet playful and in my FAVORITE color!)

 Line the table with these beyond chic PYTHON (yes! yes! yes!) klismos chairs (omygosh these are amazing) with sheepskin covered cushion for over the top luxe and glamor

and anchor it all with a gorgeous silk ethos rug in the most beautiful pattern and colorway I have ever seen

 Finally add some glitz and sparkle by filling the tabletop full of at least 17 of these gorgeously faceted crystal candlesticks (and white candles of course) for indescribable ambiance and fabulously gilded Kelly Wearstler china and, of course, the vintage silver rimmed  tumblers from our preview post!

Wine and Dine and stay Oh-So-Fine, Lovas,

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