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Kate Spade has long been one of my favorite designers mainly because I think their ad campaigns, product branding, and merchandising are flawless. They are currently showcasing a new color every month and
the color of the month this month is, you guessed it, GOLD.

Gold, glimmer, glitter, shimmer, shine, sparkle...seems to be everywhere this month as it is also the launch of  Glitter Guide has also debuted. This collaboration of several stylish ladies and one of my all-time favorite fashion blogger, Taylor Sterling, define a "glitter girl" as this:

"The Glitter Girl is many things: kind, fun, and stylish. She’s a taste-maker and a total magpie.She loves scouring the world for inspiration and thinks of all things fabulous as “glittery.” A Glitter Girl loves color and anything that lights up a scene. She never leaves the house without her favorite lipstick, lives each day like it’s her birthday, and sparkles from the inside out"

I follow the blogs of all the lovely ladies below daily and totally attribute the progression of my personal style and design aesthetic transformation, maturation, and innovation to their daring bravadas and fearless fashion statements. I started reading these blogs roughly a year ago in class one day (oops!) when I was lacking motivation and inspiration, stuck in a rut with designers block when I happened upon Sterling Style and then continued to spend the majority of my class time scouring the blog pages for inspiration and elation (if any of my design professors are reading this, it wasn't your class!)

All my life I have been pretty creative-ly oriented and have always expressed a distinct love for fashion, art, and design, but, I had always been, some way or another, bound by rules, guidelines, regulations... total roadblocks to my creativity...whether that be private school uniforms, peer pressure for "what's in now", adolescent insecurities of being true to my aesthetic, fear of rejection, textbook teachings, small town misunderstandings of my eclectic and peculiar taste, or concern for social acceptability and apropos in-the-box schemes in a very in-the-box environment. By discovering these fashion blogs I was freed from that ( I know that sounds beyond cheesy but it is true!) I realized that these West Coast trailblazers have been doing exactly what this East Coast gal's heart had always wanted...things that I had evenly sheepishly attempted and then recoiled at times because my psychological "boundaries" would never allow me to explore and experience the sincerity of my style. These women make it cool to be different, distinctive, and fashionable divine through mixing and matching prints, fabrics, and materials; couture with pret-a-porter; daytime with evening; you name it they have tried it...and it looks beyond fabulous. Why? because they stay true to their style and rock it out with complete confidence. What a refreshing thing to see in a culture and society that "deems" what is in and what is cool and establishes distinctive "looks" and cliche stereotypes for social groupings. Needless to say, since I first happened upon this blog and the blogs to follow I have totally embraced my style sense, threw the rule book out the window, and never looked back, never second guessed, embraced it, went with it, loved it, and waved it proud like a banner. My personal fashion style has blossomed into what it always was deep inside and my interior design aesthetic has undergone the same sense of fearless execution. And I am thankful, because they are both so much better for it. And I am better for it. Because I am confident in ME.

Images from Glitter Guide:

Another favorite 9 to 5 chic shows how to insert your personality and style in a very vanilla corporate America: 

And one of my favorites, Atlantic-Pacific...I mean I have a fit every time over this girl's style...so chic

and Cupcakes and Cashmere...totally fawn over her fashion combinations

So, in honor of all the gilt and glamour here is a compilation of frivolously gleaming and girly goodies:

Kate Spade china; metallic damask wallpaper; sequined silk fabric (so delicately splendid); mercury glass lamp and shade; rhinestone and enamel ring; gilded and glimmering vintage French mini-chandelier would look perfect over the metallic finish desk and chair (chair has rams head design so you know I eat it up!); Kate Spade metallic snakeskin purse; crystal cake slicers and servers; kissing armadillo belt (LOVE); zebra bracelet with sparkly stripes; metallic feather mirror; mother of pearl drawer pull; Moroccan handira pillow (remember our Moroccan marriage post? still love everything about this)

and how fun is this posh and sumptuous tassel filled streamer? Perfect for any celebratory event or to just rejoyce in life everyday as seen displayed in the Cupcakes and Cashmere office.

lusciously luxe Kate Spade heels
look for less version

So, finally, I am taking today to celebrate just that, today. The fact that I have another day to live and to enjoy life and be thankful for all of the many things and people I am blessed to be surrounded by. I am wearing gold nail polish, brilliant baubles, fierce shoes, and frivolous fashions....not because I am going anywhere in particular (I am most likely going to be sitting at my desk applying for jobs for the majority of the day)...just because it will boost my spirits, engage my creativity, and fire up my zest for living (which has a tendency to get dampened by monotonous and tedious days spent emailing and researching). I suggest you do the same. Pamper yourself for just a minute, take that time to relax and soak up the beauty of the moment.


My favority glittery things

my favorite metallic brocade pencil skirt and heels that make me feel like I can take on the world

glimmering beauty treats in a vintage purse

Remember "style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." -Gore Vidal
This goes for fashion and interiors so be dashing and dauntless in your designs.

Here's to wishing your day is brimming with ostentatiously resplendent and lusciously bombastic beauty,


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