Toile Ya'll

Despite my inclination to gravitate towards a modern aesthetic with midcentury pieces, unique antiques, eclectic styling, peculiar silhouettes, bold graphic prints, and saturated color combinations my southern belle roots are forever embedded in the classic and timeless grace that is toile. This statuesque and stately print lends itself to a subtly regal formality, sprightly in its depictive scenes and varied colorways.

Yes, toile holds a special place in my heart, it was the first fabric I ever loved (after all you can't appreciate the minimalism of modern with out paying homage to the frivolousness of fashions past), and I still get a tinge of jubilation and a dash of enchantment every time I see it used.

It can be a bold proclamation of femininity in punchy tropical hues (Side note: those headboards are genius)

Or a subdued monochromatic backdrop taking on a visual texture in the space (another side note: red lamp base and rich violet shade....love)

It can be a small, cheery accent

Or an all over theme

A modern take for a dramatic statement

Or a classic theme for a familiar antiquity

A subdued yet colorful home accent

Or a sassy and witty fashion statement

Hopelessly romantic

Or strikingly theatrical

Colorfully picturesque and florid

Or soft and demure

And here is my favorite....embroidered for dimensional livelihood and whimsy.

As a matter-of-fact I love toile so much I am writing this post in my toile pajama pants.

Keep it classic,


  1. I love toile. I desperately want it as a comforter. Cute pajamas. :]

  2. Thanks ma'am...the pj's are Old Navy; here are some fairly inexpensive toile duvet's..it is hard to find one that isn' overtly traditional....but you could always just get some colorful toile you love and make/ get a seamstress to construct a custom duvet ;) you can even make it reversible like the last pic with a solid color or another pattern like a lattice!






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