Vagabond Dreams

Vagabond dreams steal into my heart
And speak to me of love once more
Then take me far on a drifting star
To some romantic shore
Find me the one, that wonderful one
who'll whisper "I am yours forever"

Fill the night with music
Dipped in perfume
Like April in Paris
Or maybe Love in Bloom

For somehow I feel
I'll find my ideal
Tonight in my vagabond dreams...

I have always dreamed of traveling the world...of immersing myself in the mystique of the unknown...the intimacies and intricacies of a culture..all while surrounded by the impossible romanticism of it all....Maybe (hopefully) one day I will, maybe I won't...time will tell...but until that day I can dream and fantasize of a world dripping in vibrantly saturated colors, infused with the smells of saffron and incense, cast in a golden, warm, embracing sunshine, buzzing with sounds of the bazaar...

drift away with me to that place...

and envision surroundings and sightings like this: 
Ceremonial Wedding Elephant

Now, enjoy a compilation of tribal and global inspired accoutrements that will transform your home into that visionary exotic land...until you can visit there yourself..

Lovely poem composition:

ceremonial bamileke headdress; intricately painted cabinet; tribal patterned chairs (perfect for a kid's room); indigenous embroidered pillows; beautifully patterned tribal rug design; African wicker chair with a lovely shape; Moroccan hanging lanterns that cast a captivating light pattern; alpaca throw with tribal design; traditional African king's stool

GORGEOUS ikat rug; ikat embroidered ottoman pouf (fabulous statement piece); colorful tribal pillows; African inspired screen print art; pink and orange tribal patterned pillow; elephant/tribal fringe pillows; elephant side table; pop art inspired tribal pillow; traditional African motif pillow; silk ehtos rug (insane colors)

Love the drama in the simplicity of this:

Perfect for an eclectic wall hanging:

How amazing are these little guys?

Meet You at the Bazaar,

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  1. Christina, I love this tribal. It is so fun. Also love the elephant picture. :]


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