40 WiNKS

For this post we travel to the oh-so-trendy East London to an elegant and historic 4 story Queen Anne townhouse circa 1717 and the home of internationally acclaimed interior designer David Carter. The "bold, romantic, and fantastical" decor displays "an intoxicating mix of old and new, of the seriously grand peppered with a sprinkling of shabby chic" pronouncing a distinctly witty grandeaur. This home has been utilized for years for fashion shoots and editorials but with two rarely utilized guest berooms 4 0 W i N K S  opened its doors to help give designers, models, stylists, photographers, art directors, buyers, and anyone in the creative and fashion industries somewhere creatively nurturing and affordable to hang their hat when they are in London for either work or pleasure.

I love the bohemian ecclecticism and sumptuous formality the space exudes

the fashion familiarity with elegant dress forms

The whimsical details

ode to the motherland

love this wallpaper

and a Beatles drum in the fireplace= amazine

Cheers then,

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