Ace Hotel: NYC

Hey guys....internet troubles....check out this post and then scroll back through then next 4 ...posting all of the weeks right now while I have it! much love!

Hey, Hey, USA! Today we are returning stateside and touring one of our very own. Ace Hotel in NYC. Located in the MoDa theater district in Manhattan Midtown this hotel is brimming with an unconventional aesthetic, layered industrial feel, and simple and unfussy "anti-design" that remains distinctly American, democratically sensible, historically visionary, and totally hipster. Interiors designed by Roman & Williams with assistance from other local artists, designers and small businesses make this 260 room 12 story boutique a must stay or must see for sure!

For any of my graphic design friends or avid typography lovers out there you are in for a treat this place is "electrified" with graphics, directional lighting, and signage:

If a dapper mid century mad men-esque Ivy League stud had a love child with the likings of an
unbridled Americana Jasper Johns flag painting it would  most likely look like the Ace Hotel.

sharp threads, right?

Beatles lyrics on the stair risers? Perfection.

This, my friends, is how you make an exit sign look spectacular

and how you add humor and visual intrigue to mechanics.

Peace out,

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