Chantilly Couture: Ellie Saab

Oh Ellie Saab, you have done it again...
you have completely stolen my heart with your Fall 2011 collection.
Absolute confectionery couture pearlescent perfection.
Dreamy, dainty, delicate, demure dresses fit for a dauphine.

divinely lady-like detailing

hopelessly romantic beading

ethereal billows and whispers of tulle

magically airy and enchantingly whimsical appliques

bewitchingly frosty

I love the absence of color in the pallet paired with the extremities in highly detailed textures and materials all lending to flawless construction and captivating presentation. Such a graceful combination surely deserves translation into a home fit for such a lady? No?

Lace wallpaper; modern crystal chandelier; studded pillows; capiz shell wall tiles (oh-my-gosh-in-love);
 lace cut armour; lace print rug; crystal sputnik chandelier; capiz shell inspired chandelier; modern lace curtains; Queen Anne's Lace flowers (but of course); capiz shell curtain mounted on wall as a
shimmery dining backdrop.

Wishing you a day of decadence,

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