Check Out The Knockers On That One

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
I've read various statistics that state something along the lines of you have approximately 30 seconds to make a first impression. And then it's done. You are judged. Whether intentionally or not. The perception of you is imprinted in someone else's brain. They have sized you up and categorized every physical aspect of your being and dynamic of your interaction- good or bad. 30 seconds isn't a lot of time. That's why people place so much emphasis and entire professions are dedicated to what you should wear to job interviews and first encounters-because like it or not it is a huge factor in this process. So if people are so quick to "figure you out" what makes you think they don't do the same with your home? After all, our home is a direct reflection of us...IT'S WHERE WE LIVE. And your front door? That's your interview suit. When people first come to your house this is their introduction to the intimate quarters of your. This is what they stare at while waiting on you to answer. This is where their 30 seconds starts. This is what sets the tone for the rest of their experience here. This is where they start to judge you. So make it count! Don't be afraid to be unconventional with your entry. Let it be bold, audacious, and an accurate reflection of your personal and interior style, taste, and personality. Wow them with your savoir-faire and pinache. Go bold or don't invite them to your home.

This is a first of a series dedicated to door decorum and our first topic: KNOCKERS.

Knockers are like the jewelry for your door; they add the personality and pizzazz, so make it a colossal cocktail ring...not a play-it-safe-simpleton.


The inspiration for this post arose when I found this picture of this door many moons ago. This hardware design is called the hand of Fatima. "In Morocco, one way of warding off the evil eye is to show the hand of Fatima or the khamsa, which means five in Arabic, and alludes to the five fingers on the hand.  Fatima was the compassionate daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and miracles have been attributed to her; for example, it is said that when she prayed in the desert, it started to rain.  Morocco is not alone in this belief -- the hand of Fatima is used for superstitious protection throughout the Middle East and in parts of Africa.  The hand of Fatima can frequently be spotted on entryway doors of Moroccan homes particularly in the shape of door knockers -- in this way the home and its inhabitants may be protected from the evil eye." {Source}


This design is also found in Victorian design often designated by a ring on the hand's ring finger



Any Twilight people out there? I think this one is for you!


Other whimsical door knockers are available and some even come with built-in planter boxes for an overall chimerical and fantastical entry atmosphere that continues the organic nature of your entry garden, perhaps?

{Moroccan door source unknown}

You can even take inspiration from the hardware to design the door and use the knockers as a template to create large scale patterns for a regal appeal.


Other peculiar creatures are great conversation starters and perhaps even reflect interests, hobbies, or experiences you can later discuss with guests. Such as your great great grandfathers epic fox and hound hunts in the English countryside.

Your honeymoon safari in Africa

Your summers spent working at the shipyard, coastal location, seafearing occupation,
 (or love for Moby Dick)



Your fascination with birdwatching

Or your childhood family vacations spent in Canada
(where you and your siblings always squealed when you saw elk)

The possibilities are endless.
Find something that is distinctively you and don't be afraid of originality.
The weirder the better.

Don't Knock It Til You Try It,

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