Color File: Pink/ Fuschia and Orange

So, I'm a total hypocrite. I have stood on my soapbox for years now proudly proclaiming that I am NOT one of those completely-obsessed-with-barbie-and-bubble-gum-pink girls. You have read it before in my blogs to no avail, and perhaps with a level of annoyance at my insistancy on justifying why I am not waving a pink flag in the pink parade. I have purposely not bought clothes, toothbrushes, hair ties, etc. in my lifetime that are pink simply on principle. Until the pantone color of the year was announced {here} and my world spiraled out of my dark staples and was all of a sudden viewed through rose colored glasses (The oncoming of spring and summer didn't help either). Perhaps I saw pink as a sign of weakness? Or perhaps I simply wouldn't let myself give into that unadulterated optimism and cheer...because I'm too edgy and mysterious for that right? WRONG. I have admitted previously to having a long time love affair with all things blush and champagne {here}, pink's very distant and more regal and sophisticated cousins, you know the ones married to my beloved neutrals? And have even recently admitted to loving some highlighter bright pink accents {here}. But as all things pink have slowly creeped into my life and taken over my aesthetic mantra it has now been taking to an unforgivable barbie-dream-house level. Brace yourselves, I am now totally head over heels for.......don, don, don.....PINK AND ORANGE. I know, I know, sounds like a total middle school girl cliche, or so I always thought, ...but wait til you look at these STUNNING editorials and you will be on the bandwagon with me:

{Dior fall 2008}
I mean gorgeous...and with subtle turquoise YSL accent ring (and Liberace-ish adornments)...over the moon

and now JCrew's new fall line (which totally reminds me of this photo)....bright barbie-fuchsia-pink cigarette pants paired with none other than an animal print clutch, nautical stripes, dark blazers, and ORANGE...ugh amazing. Barbie meets Audrey for sure. While I will NEVER NEVER NEVER (and no offense to those who are my sister totally is, just not my vibe) be a Lilly girl {see below} this JCrew look, my friends, is how I would wear such punchy colors....everyday. For real.

Okay I lied again I could maybe see myself in this blue get up with a high chignon, layers of obnoxious necklaces and stacked bracelets, red lips, and sky high heels...you know to juge it up...

Stephanie Shift

Being the apparent Vogue-reading-snob (just kidding I'm not really a snob but years of art and fashion studies have forever ruined my ability to look at interiors, photography, fashions, and stylings without some sense of judgement) that I am I have to douse the pink and orange with high octane levels of black and white to bring it up to par with my editorial standards...and slight cynicism. How fabulous is this H&M shirt seen {here}? Almost as fabulous as a dapper black and white striped camel back settee paired with an unexpectedly vibrant rug and Lucite ghost chair {here}, right?

A fetching fedora and crisp button up {here}, like the intrusion of white and black stripes {here} break up the sometimes overwhelmingly bright combo for an air of boss-lady-don't-mess and effortless style.

My favorite pairings? With dove grey of course. It tones down the pallet while still allowing the colors to pop like the Zara shoes {here}, the pillows {here}, and the artwork {here}.

Studs, tufting, metallic accents, color blocking...all enhance the vibrancy of this duo and add that unexpected jen nes se qua {here} and {here}.

And patterns and textures marry the two in complete sychronized harmony adding visual interest, depth, dimension, and drama like the feather artwork {here}, the print {here}, wallpaper {here},and BREATHTAKINGLY awesome architecture {here}.

I'm A Barbie Girl....,

P.S. for more orange/pink love see our Hermes post {here} and enjoy this lovely sunset and architecture pictures from my latest Bahama vacay:


  1. Love the pink and orange combination! It is so amazing and beautiful!


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