Curiously Sassy Tabletop Showpieces

It should be known that every side table, ottoman tray, coffee table, hallway console, bookshelf, dining table, floating shelf...needs, deserves, craves, yearns for, desires, pines for that unexpected punch of WOW-factor. I am a firm, firm, FIRM advocate of all things peculiar, quirky, eccentric, unorthodox, unconventional, and idiosyncratic. Nothing adds personality, vibrancy, and atmosphere, and sparks conversation like a seemingly out-of-the-ordinary and, perhaps, even out-of-place accessory item. While the scale of your sofa, wallpaper, fireplace, etc. certainly command the first visual hit and set the general tone for the space, the small items, the hidden gems, the nooks and crannies adornments are what breathe life into your space and connect the relationships of the sofa to the wallpaper, the fireplace to the bookshelves...making it a direct reflection of you and of the statement you desire to make.

Some of my favorite tabletop accoutrements:

modern brass urchins

powerful, odyssian stallion heads

terracotta gazelles

stylized greyhounds

grand scale aluminum jacks

.....again......swoopy spray sculptures

intricately carved copper elephants

blue coral on a lucite base

nickle octopus (who didn't see this one coming)

any sort of geode

General rule of thumb: if it makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you glance twice, makes you recall a specific memory, shocks you (in a good way), makes you gasp, makes you swoon, makes you sigh,  makes you lust, or gives you the warm-and-fuzzies...it should probably be in your home. If you wouldn't try to save it in a fire, if you wouldn't be devastated if it broke, if it doesn't evoke any of these feelings...keep walking, doll, you're wasting valuable tabletop real estate (and buyer considerations aaannnd money) on a below par whatever-what-not that will simply fill the space, not your heart, or your home.

"The details are not the details. They make the design"
 -Charles Eames

Live in the details,

P.S. DD&D is getting a makeover! stay tuned!



  1. I love the jacks and the elephants.

    I have a carved wooden elephant from Thailand and it will definitely be on display in my future home!

  2. yes it def. should be! I love the feng shui symbolism of them: here's a little article about what it symbolizes and what "energy it emits" in different parts of your home according to feng shui...kinda cool might give you an idea of where and how to display such a treasure:


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