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One of my very best friends in the entire world (and one of the most talented and gifted interior designers you will ever in your life encounter and who is dripping in awesome sauce), bless her little heart, Melissa, sent me the most horrific text message the other day documenting her adventures swimming with sharks!!!!! WHAT! I know, I was horrified. Melissa lives in Hawaii now, I know bless her little heart, which is the only reason why I am still friends with her (kidding........sort of) and I specifically warned her multiple times prior to her big move to the islands of a very graphic nightmare I had which featured her being torn limb to limb by a man eating shark. This was after watching part of shark week last year, eating a bunch of potato chips, 2 cups of coffee, really late....I was in a very disturbed mental state. Well, Discovery lovers (which does not include me as I am unsettled by this TV ritual), it is that time of year again. The time to watch in horror (or amazement) as your watery plasma screen turns red from some poor surfer named Melissa who was mistaken for a sea turtle...and EATEN.

This is what sharks do...

To people who do this (your in the same cage, Melissa shudder)

I totally get the argument that it is there environment and they are gentle giants who are misunderstood and just doing what nature intended.....but after the great snake incident of 2009 {here} I'm not one to take chances anymore. Despite my Girl Scout upbringings, Mother Nature has a vendetta against me and I refuse to tempt fate....no sir, I have a healthy respect  for (and distance from) the mysteries of the natural world. But, for all you adrenaline junkies out there here are some razor sharp treats perfect for subtle accents or nautical hints in any space:


prints on vintage pages

paper weights or table decor

or fashion...

(By the way I would totally rock this bracelet....and that is the closest to a shark I will ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get, voluntarily and hopefully that is)

And, faithful readers, don't fret I won't leave you with your JAWS clenched on that note (muwahaha)....Here is some inspiration and eye candy to get you through your Monday swimming with all of those corporate sharks (all of which hint at the same shape of our dauntingly dangerous tooth theme):

A seriously breathtaking woven oil painting....yes woven

Fabulously colorful fabrics

A multicolor watercolor chevron painting...because....well, it's chevron and therefore I automatically love it

A stunning picture capturing the Golden Ray migration...now this is the kind of Mother Nature I am awed, inspired, and captivated by and love to drool and marvel at.....words cannot even describe how awesome this picture is (and what a fabulous pattern that creates)

And a lovely quote by E.E. Cummings

Just Keep Swimming,
P.S. Just to clarify, I am secretly jealous that Melissa (and anyone else who has swam with sharks for that matter) has the guts to do it! More power to ya!

P.P.S. Almost done with our blog makeover! Hoping to reveal DD&D's new look within the next day or so! Very excited....stay tuned! Happy Monday

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