Easy as 1, 2, 3

I have to stand on my soapbox and brag for a moment.
I have the most fabulous baby sisters in the world.
Talented, smart, and undeniably gorgeous to boot.
Seriously. Don't know what I'd do without them.
I love them each so much.
We are each BEYOND polar opposite.
But that's what makes our relationship so splendiferous

These are our faces (In case you needed to know):

These are our real faces (in case you needed to know):

For as long as since the perfect, happy wonderful first born (moi)  became a plus 2
(in 2.5 yr increments might I add) my sisters and I have been compared to many
peculiar objects and things that have any semblance to our progressive height increments, groupings
 of three, and all girl related themes. Off the top of my head: stair steps ranks pretty high
as well as today's feature: The Three Wise Monkeys 

{so in love with these prints must purchase asap via}

You know the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil ones...

{also beyond smitten with this gorgeous golden buckle on a eggplant leather belt via}

My mom used to have a pillow with this theme (among countless other items) but it was with angels instead of monkeys...personally, I dig the monkeys (they get into more trouble right?!)


The monkeys fit our personalities just right:
Hear no evil (me: because my face is too pretty to cover...j/k...sort of... and I most definitely have selective hearing) Speak no evil (Laura: baby sister: ginger that talks too much-nuff said) and
 See no evil (Allison: middle kid: has the worst vision-seriously almost blind)


I have searched and scowled and found the most adorable home good items to mimic our 3 monkey personality types: A serving tray for the humble, generous, kind one with a servants heart (me, clearly), and a tissue holder and waste basket for a toss up between who makes my parents cry the most and who has the messiest room....I kid! I kid!

(clearly I have first kid syndrom)


And some other marvelous monkey business:

{monkey chinoiserie via}

{weird/super rad vintage monkey lamp via}

{also weird/super rad table via}

{ chinoiserie salad plate via}

{I mean, bananas....LOVE to display a fabulously slinky, sparkly number via}

{To hug your napkin via}

{To support your business dreams via; also featured in this post}

{To direct your guests via}

{And look its best on your desk via}

{And do a happy dance via}

Three times the charm when your monkeying around (I know cheesy. Don't judge),
P.S. love on your siblings today... and then hit them because sibling rivalry is totally healthy and you don't want to get too mushy...and celebrate you if you rode solo growing up!

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