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I am forever and always scowling magazines for inspirations (the large majority of which are high fashion editorials showcasing the flawless innovation of couture design house clothing, construction, and marketing) These images from Vogue has been in my style file for years now. The whole Kenya editorial takes my breath away, seriously. Such a romantically desolate setting, such rich textures showcased by subdued and earthy tones, soft lighting, the juxtaposition of polish and primitive, the complex dynamic of a Victorian and properly English safari...I could go on and on...

So Part 1 of today's post: how to take a high fashion and high budget ensemble or fantastical editorial theme and translate that into something wearable and attainable and entirely pret-a-porter:

Enjoy these shots from my genteel expedition {keep reading for ensemble breakdown}

Now for Part 2: I used to be (still am) an avid lover of Domino magazine; the pages of my archives are beyond dog-eared, marked, flagged, and worn (with love)....let's take a moment of silence to remember this short lived design publication....okay, back to the point, my favorite section was when they used to take outfits and design rooms around them matching the same colors, textures, style, aesthetic, etc.....GENIUS and so enthralling to look at. Recently I've noticed that catalogues such as Anthropologie have adopted this same innovative approach...so I figured, since I've clipped and pinned, saved and drooled, ogled and awed over these treasures for years why not start a series of my own....? Right?! But here is the twist, it's 3 parts (as you have already seen): magazine to outfit and outfit to room.

So, without further ado, let me proudly introduce you to my first adaptation: A simplistically chic and subdued yet ubiquitously charismatic living room with sharp Danish Modern undertones, concentrated masculinity paired with delicate yet strong feminine articulation, naturalistic accents, industrial hints, supple textures, and luxe textiles. 

Let's break this thing down:
Strappy and swashbuckling leather sofa in a rich camel leather with surprisingly dapper bondage-ish sides for that added kick of deviant and unforeseen bliss.
{based off of my platform gladiator camel leather Chinese Laundry heels via TJ Maxx}
These both coyly kick butt and take names and set the tone for the mellow atmosphere and unexpected edginess of the space

The walls will be textural grass cloth cut in squares and laid in an alternating perpendicular pattern in order to create subtle visual interest and variegated coloring with the hand. The muted pallet and natural tones of the space will be anchored with this graphic, bold, and unapologetically classic rug high in contrast and pinache. Both feel easy yet distinctively dashing {like my J.Crew fedora}.

The windows, which will soak the room in warm, soft, yellow light, will be flanked with layers upon layers of stately linen and burlap drapery in order to further dimensionalize the space, alternate light patterns, and create delicious textural range all while maintaining a tailored dignity, subtle formality, and natural softness {like the structured A-line silhouette and demure pleats of my vintage linen skirt}...oh, but it doesn't stop there...let's add in some nailheads to continue that unexpected edgy temperament.

As we expand our seating range we add this gem of a room accessory (and as far as I am concerned accent chairs ARE accessories) a stunning Danish Modern linen showcase chair taking on a jaunty butterfly shape with rich wood construction {mirroring my vintage leather belt} and further adding stately strength in silhouette to the space.

And now for the fun part, more accessorizing. Two antiqued mirror geodesic side tables flank the sofa and a prodigious industrial caged wire coffee table centers the space both adding shimmer and color in pleasantly impulsive and surprisingly synchronizing ways {such as my deco inspired JCrew cocktail number, Kate Spade neon yellow idiom bangle, and vintage pearl baubles}.

The space comes to life with reflective metals in various tones, lusters, polishes, and applications all contrarily divergent  and masterfully mixed {like my F21 rhinestone copper collar, AE nickle and pearl strand, vintage opera length pearls, and gold and charcoal grey beaded Banana Republic strand} to create incandescent glimmer and diffused illumination (not to mention girlish glitz and glamour) throughout. This can be found in a vintage brass industrial lamp, metal skirted side table, stylized tree branch chandelier dripping with crystals, and a gorgeous verdigris hammered copper wall panel spanning roughly 3 feet by 5 feet.

Finally, to assuage the overtly masculine overtones of leathers, straps, nailheads, stripes, tailored shapes, neutral pallets, and industrial instances we will throw in some rare glimpses of harmonious elegance in crisp white milk glass inspired vintage lamps and accent pillows {in ode to the feminine, balmy, and billowy, slightly hippie-esque, embroidered F21 blouse}.

Hope you all enjoyed that transformative post. More is sure to come down the road! Stay tuned!

Find your flair and style your life accordingly,

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