Paint It Black

I realize that a large majority of my posts are doused in sunshine, optimism, bright colors, and super feminine frills. And I thoroughly enjoy, embrace, and celebrate all of those things...they make life fabulous, doll! That cheeriness perhaps has been the common theme because it is summertime, after all, and bold saturated colors and patterns surround my every move from my closet, to the flowers in bloom out my window, to the fresh fruit at the farmers market, to bright coral nail polish, to the beach towel I lay on at the pool. But, the truth of the matter is, even though I love me some crazy color I am a black girl (yea, I know that sounds funny). Perhaps it's my super dark espresso hair combined with my basically translucent skin but I've always gravitated towards this dark staple. I love me a LBD, my bedroom is all black and white, I'm obsessed with black and white photography, black nails? Get outta town, black gladiator heels? Check, black studded heels?Check, black faux fur throw? Oh, yes....it's everywhere in my home and on my person. AND I LOVE IT.

Why do I celebrate this non color so? Oh let me count the ways...It's endlessly mysterious and unapologetically veracious, it's strong and steadfast, rich and regal, theatrically thespian-ish, bold and audacious, it proclaims it's presence and anchors its position with confidence, it allows glimmers of personality to emit as light hits it and colored undertones are revealed, It can quickly alter appearance through texture, it plays well with all other colors, it comes from a wonderful lineage of greys, when it married white I cried tears of joy, but when it had an affair with caramel and brown I stood and applauded, it's timeless, elegant, poised, coquettes me with its enigma and stateliness, it is reserved yet simultaneously valiant, quietly demure yet assuredly confident. And it instantaneously classes up anything and everything as far as I am concerned.

I want to see it painted, painted, painted, painted black. For some, this is a design no-no, a scary uncertain gasp of air in disbelief. For me, it is a proclamation of the posh and polished Coco Chanel living inside of me, unmistakably ravishing. If the banter above doesn't convince you how fabulous and chic black is and how you simply must paint it black the photos below {all from Pinterest, sorry don't know the exact publications} are hard to deny:

I am one of those people that needs the room to be pitch dark to sleep so naturally I love it in a bedroom
it gives traditional design a little ompf  as it frolics with navy

and come on, seriously? swoon. This room has so much juge its redic

It makes soft whites and linens look impossibly crisp and clean

and proudly showcases their delicate features

The drama it creates in high gloss is liquid gold

again, gloss, the tub? glorious. The sunshine velvet tufted vintage chair. Shuts it down.
The pinch of jade colored tile. Hands down my favorite color combination.

It is welcoming-ly unexpected as an accent wall (and makes pastels totally bad arse)

Creates a gallery effect if you break it up with fabulously matted and eclectically framed collections

and then add a quick dash of color and of course a Greek key

It's undeniably sophisticated as it amplifies the room's bones with crisp, contrasting architecture

and surprisingly cozy with overtly masculine overtones and hints of deep peacock blue

No colors any more I want them to turn black...hmm hmmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm their all painted black

Come over to the dark side, we have milk and cookies,


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