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Hello lovas! I am about to be enveloped by brilliant shades of turquoise, impossibly white sand, and warm sunshine as I venture to Cable Beach, Nassau with my wonderful family for a very, very, very, very, very, very, much needed vacation where I will do nothing but relax and rejuvenate my mind and spirit, be completely unplugged from my phone and computer, and be surrounded by brilliantly colorful inspirations (be jealous). But have no fear! I have done my homework (OCD at its finest) and have blog posts lined up for all of next week for you! You get to go on a vacation too! Each day I will be taking you to a different part of the globe (all places on my list of top 10 to travel to/see/stay) and introducing you to some smashing boutique hotels, dahhhling...eye candy at its finest for sure!

Considering it looks like this in crown town today I am in dire need for some major color...


...so, my suitcase is about to look like a rainbow explosion. What am I packing? Bountiful beach bikinis, ravishing rompers for the market, sandals galore (this is actually a lie that I wish was true-I have been limited to 2 pairs by the authority of US Air carry-on luggage size; clearly the person that made this rule was not a fashionista), saucy shorts, billowy and breezy tops (for ventilation in the hot, hot sun), colorful necklaces to layer, ikat maxi dress to stroll the sand to dinner in, loads of bohemian prints and crazy colors, and my favorite gold travel wallet for passports and mullah (thanks Julz!) , and plenty of hats and scarves to tame my sure-to-be outta control curls.

Stay tuned...I will have a photo journal of all things architecturally and naturally jaw dropping when I return as well as a plethora of other fabulous posts already ready to go (again type A-ness)! Enjoy your trip around the world (and try not to miss me too much)!

And I leave you with some inspirational insights to uplift your mood
 {found on my Pinterest here (P.S. check out my Pinterest boards for a million inspirational
insights I pinned for your viewing pleasures in my absence}:

This pretty much sums me up right about now (and I LOVE it):

And a picture of my current inspiration/ obsession: crepe myrtles outside my window
(paired with grey skies= stunning)

and the color combination of orchid and raspberry...delish...
which has forced me to wear my vintage red silk pants and purple satin heels
(the only thing Paris Hilton ever did right as far as I'm concerned; thanks TJ Maxx!) and frolic
around dreaming up a blog post highlighting these hues for when I return.

Miss ya, mean it...see ya in a week!

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