Personal: Happy 4th

I have enjoyed every minute so far of this nice, long, beautiful weekend. Here is a little photo journal of the things that have sparked my heart and made me feel distinctly American (please excuse the photo quality of some- they were taken with my phone).
Patriotic attire and bright red lipstick
Carolina burgers at our favorite hole-in-the-wall, Lupies

plenty of American flags

Organic berry smoothies, basking in the sun reading cliche romance novels (I have read one by him every summer since I was 15 its kind of a tradition), new peridot nail polish (love the way this looks in the sun)

small town fairs and festivities

and funnel cakes.....delish

Beach music and shagging...proud to be American, prouder to be a Carolina girl

my American honey
Lexington BBQ...best in the world

 (the sparkly gold ones are my FAVORITES- reminds me of chandeliers)

my "American" tunes

How did you celebrate? Which fireworks were your favorite? Send me a message and let me know!

Happy Stars and Bars,
P.S. Check back later today for some brief design dish and be sure to stop by tomorrow for an exciting new post!

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