A Tad Bit Horn-y

I  thoroughly believe that each and every home, each and every space (each and every outfit, for that matter) should host a definitively unexpected element, a quirk, a whim, a doesn't-quite-fit-in-yet-somehow-does-showpiece to create conversation, interest, intrigue, emphasis, contrast, a little spice and a lotta wow. I also thoroughly believe that every good design incorporates some aspect of nature whether that be a live bouquet of fragrant flowers on an ottoman tray or a fossilized slice of amber as a coaster on a side table (it's kinda a zen thing). Genius design is able to harmoniously marry the two. How you say? Why with horns of course! I have, for a long time, been seduced by the gloriously and masterfully naturally designated form that is this defensive appendage. The organic, raw, and rigid hunter(tress) nature of its origin lends an edgy, boarder line severe, and compellingly intensity to its structure but when juxtaposed with the eloquent curves, ombre color variations, and subtle polish and sheen it takes on an unexpected air of grace that is certain to command the room.



Some of the most ingenious indigenous ingenuity's I have found:
{side note: for all the PETA folks, a large percentage of the "horn" accessories on the market are faux and some even come in ceramic forms, however, I strongly recommend that you do your research prior to purchasing such an addition to your home or wardrobe to ensure the horns, if real, were obtained in a humane and non invasive manner}

Feeling horn-y yet?

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