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{WARNING: you will need sunnies for this one}

I can't necessarily say that borderline-obnoxiously-bright-highlighter-hued-and-Malibu-Barbie-inspired colors describe my personality or day-to-day aesthetic at all, really....but I'm currently majorly reconsidering my desire to glow in the dark.

A seed was planted whilst I first laid my eyes on these bad boys:

The seed sprouted into a beanstalk and my day glow desire intensified when
I saw it paired down with nudes and neutrals (so my style)


and then I climbed to the top of that stalk where I found some
 fe, FIIIINE, fo real awesome neon necessities and had a highlighter rave with some
jolly glowing giants. Aaaannnnd go:

{neon yellow cutout lamps (would be to die on a foyer table); neon yellow door (amazing);
(neeeeeddd these so many wondrous ideas for them); rad embroidery hoop display}

{neon rainbow wire chairs (would be amazing around an antique table); neon baubles;
lamp; coffee press illustration (want for the kitchen)}

{neon nails, ikat clutch, and friendship bracelets = stylin'; trina fabric; I suddenly
 need billowy neon orange pants for every interview and consultation I can think of; lovely
neon pink necklace; neon and nude on your desk; and a pink pony (duh!)}

Neon art for your rave walls {here and here}

"Neon light neon bright first blinding flash I see tonight"

Don't Be Afraid to Stand out Today,

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  1. I love these bright neon colors! Especially the pink (shocking)! :]


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