101 Spots

Undeniably classic. Posh. Timeless as black and white. Sophisticated. Demure. Ladylike. Subtly Spontaneous. Organic in that naturally-beautiful-without-trying kind of way. Unexpected. Fun yet Structured. A coy laugh, a playful smile, and a flirtatious glance all while maintaining perfect poise and cotillion posture. Confident. Self Assured. Legendary Style. Fashion Icon.

And no, I'm not just talking about Audrey....spots love, lots and lots of spots!
I have an insatiable craving for this lovely print (and no, not in a Cruella Deville kind of way- faux only dear!)
It is a perfectly fabulous and classically timeless way to add a pinch, dash, hint, and note of savvy style to your space (or ensemble).

Topshop loafers

Coasters and serving trays from Furbish Studio

Osborne & Little wallpaper

See spot...then run out and get you some,

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