Fashion File: Missoni for Me?

Today, readers, we flip back open the pages of Vogue to continue our fashion file series {also here and here} to discuss one of my all time favorite fashion houses.

M i s s o n i

This Italian powerhouse based in Varese and founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, themselves, has stormed the fashion circuit for over half a century now with their kaleidoscopic knitwear and infamous chevrons, stripes, and geometrics. Their fearless and inventive use and mixtures of color, textiles, and patterns certainly, without fail, always sets the bar high for aesthetic appeal somehow marrying retro glamor with chic modernism in an unparalleled equation of distinction.

Naturally, the price tag for the Milan runway collections far exceeds the folds of my wallet {maybe one day!} and left me merely swooning over their glorious ad campaigns for years, gently tucking the high octane inspiration it gave me in a mental rolodex in the "perhaps when I'm older" and "sheesh, yea right" files.  My love for Missoni's hypnotic allure only intensified upon seeing Rachel Zoe's fabulous 70's glamour bedroom plush with stylishly lounging Missoni pillows and the files in my brain were reopened.

{Side note: I'd like to clarify once again that this series and this post are not at all promoting labelisim and name brand snobbery, rather, merely acknowledging the artistic and design based efforts and process from inspiration to construction details of such acclaimed mega brands and ascertaining how such "looks" can be attained by showcasing inspiration images and look for less resources.}

The concept of adorning my home with Missoni-inspired prints and pieces rather than my maybe-one-day-probably-not-closet became a slight design obsession and aspiration and a new found adornment of caftan chic aesthetics was cemented in me.

Well, readers, if you at all have the Missoni bug like me I have fabulous news for you today. Perhaps you have already heard it through the grapevine, or perhaps not, but Missoni is creating a custom collection for Target that drops September 13 including 400-plus items, "from clothing to bed sheets, to enough dinnerware to set the table for colazione, pranzo, and cena," {Stated by Mark Holgate in the May Vogue announcement}. I suggest you mark it on your calendar because with glorious pieces such as this sneak peak ad and product lineup featuring Margherita Maccapani Missoni, herself, it is sure to sell like hot cakes with prices ranging from $7.99 to $199.99.

Personally, I'm dying over the chevron shorts, flower print scarf, and mug set.....and the blanket....and the bike......and the laptop case......oh boy....

And in case you get trampled on by some crazy fashionistas and are slided of your chance to walk out of Target's red doors with a Missoni of your own here are some other Missoni and Missoni- inspired home adornments to satisfy your cravings:

Basically what it boils down for if you are looking to do Missoni style on a me budget, if you can find or DIY any sort of flame stitch, herringbone, chevron, or psychedelic geometric print or stripe in rainbow hues (preferably muted hues) your good to go:

You can even Missoni up your walls by painting such prints directly onto a focal wall {also seen in our blog post here} such as in a foyer, hallway, powder room, dining room accent wall, headboard wall....or for those of you living in more temporary or apartment based housing situations paint it on a canvas that can easily be moved from one house to the next or to one room to the next when you feel the need to switch it up:



DIY steps to painting chevron prints here
(obviously vary the colors if you are leaning towards a Missoni look)

Stay sharp, stay colorful,

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