Inspirations: Globe Trotter To Do's

Sometimes when I am in an inspirational funk, a creative road block, I sit back and retreat into the depths of my imagination and allow my mind to venture off to far away lands and daydream of exciting adventures, perilous feats, magical happenings, exhilerating experiences, blissful sceneries, and envelop myself in the far away cultures of my wildest perceptions...

Here are some of the most inspiringly beautiful places I have ever daydreamed of, all on my bucket/globe trotter to do list {images here} and an envision of what excitement I would entangle myself in while there...

venture to eastern North Carolina to the Outter Banks and
watch the wild horses run the shore line

Visit all of Italy-Venice, Sorento, Milan, Rome, Florence, Sicily...
eat my body weight in pasta and espresso and travel by vespa to visit all the
ancient ruins and sculptures I once studied in art school 

Venture to India, get traditional henna art tattood (temporary) on my hands and arms,
dine on currey and saffron, and wade into a pool full of bathing elephants all while
donning a brilliantly colored sari

speak what little Spanish I know in Barcelona 
 (and perhaps find myself able to recall more than I credit myself with
and dazzle everyone with my fluency) and dance a sultry flamenco
with bright red lips and a heady flower in my hair

scale the dunes of Egypt, overlooking the pyramids of Giza while wrapped in layers
of breezy, gauzy fabrics, colorful gems, and dramatic Cleopatra kohl lined eyes atop the
back of a camel equally decked out with pom poms

Island hop in Greece visiting Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini..
ride saddle side on a donkey up the steep stairs and alleyways
bask in the sun by the Aegean sea
marvel at ancient ruins and spectacular architecture

go on a safari in South Africa, whale watch at Hermanus, hike table mountain
to view Cape Town, and ride an ostrich in Oudtshoorn

ride a hot air balloon over Paris, picnic under the Eiffel Tower,
get lost in the Louvre, enjoy the most celebrated ice cream
in town after visiting Notre Dame, take an impressionist
 class at Musée d'Orsay, drink a glass of wine at the Jardin du Luxembourg

release a sky lantern in Phuket, Thailand
watch a Thai Dance in Old Chaingmai

walk through a row of tulips in Holland and visit the flower market
visit the Van Gough museum and Heineken brewery, bike through the city,
take a canal ride to site see

visit Hukuru Miskiiy, the oldest mosque in Maldives,
snorkel in the Banana Reef, dive down to the wreck
of the Maldive Victory

Venture to Alaska to view the Aurora Borealis

spend a day at the Ventgar Gorge in Slovenia

Walk through the whimsically stunning tree tunnel in Belgium
after which I would snack on the most heavenly
chocolates and truffles

walk through the wisteria tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan

Ride a horse down the Dark Hedges road in Antrim Ireland
drink lots of beer at a pub, and wander the hillside until
I stumble upon a castle or a four leaf clover

spend a day in secret in a cave on the beaches of Portugal,
set sail like Magellan and de Gama and anchor at Belem,
venture to the flower clad fields and dreamy lagoons of Azores

wander around Red Square in Moscow and admire the candy land colors and whimsy

walk across the Walking Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

boat down the Amazon and see a pink dolphin

Take a train through the Tree Tunel in Ukraine

Eat a pretzel as I walk through a German village

Venture to Sedona, go horseback riding through
Red Rock country

chow down on some jambalaya in New Orleans, tour the French Quarter
and hear tales of voo doo while on a carriage ride, spend the night at a sultry jazz club

wrap up in a cable knit sweater, scarf, and riding boots and sail the coast of
Maine all while dredging for lobsters

spend a fall weekend in the countryside of Vermont and collect my own
maple syrup, go into town and antique shop

Go camping in Montana

ride a cable car in San Francisco, shop, picnic near and then ride over the
Golden Gate Bridge, travel out to Nappa for a wine tasting

What's on your list?


  1. anorris311@gmail.comOctober 8, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Do you know where the Tree Tunnel is in Belgium?

  2. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have never been there, myself, but from my understanding from researching it it is located in Zelzate, Belgium along or near the Leopold Canal. Hope that helps!



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