Well, what do you guys think of our fabulous new makeover here at DD&D? We think it completely embodies our style aesthetic and perfectly sets the tone for all things fabulous on the blog so, in honor of revamping our blogging digs and adding some major sass and polish to our layout, here are some of my all time favorite DIY makeover projects:

Especially in this current economy it is imperative to master the art of stretching your dollar by recycling and breathing new life into the old to make something completely new. Plus, DIY projects like these assure that your pieces will be completely custom and one of a kind and will allow your creative imaginings to freely flow and cultivate...so you couturier you, grab your glue gun here we go...{note: see the links posted with each picture for step-by-step instructions}

This has to be one of my favorite DIY. It is the most  perfect and most inexpensive way to juge up a hideously melancholy piece of storage in your office...and I think it looks undeniably rad. Use your favorite fabric, a piece of spare wallpaper, or even beautiful craft paper to add personality in the most unexpected way.

As soon as I have a formal dining room of my own to design...this DIY is so happening. I have always had a love affair with vintage mid century sputniks but the price tag on these brass and glass showstoppers  pretty much stops me in my tracks. Here you can get the "look for less" DIY version with none other than and Ikea fixture...aaaannnnnd, I think it easily looks like a million bucks. But brace yourself, there is a TON of work involved in this before and after.

For all you stylish mommies out there whose design dominance has been saturated in children's toys and whose homes have been overtaken by primary hued clutter and chaos this one's for you. Claim your bonus room again and take the foam/rubber mats that your kid's play on from Toys R Us to House Beautiful. Paint fabulous designs on them that coordinate with your decor, mimic your favorite pattern or painting, or evoke the look of your favorite floral or geometric rug. It will anchor your space in a way that is still kid friendly but stylish mommy approved leaving all the other mommies asking "how does she do it?" as they awe at your magazine worthy play room when they come to pick up there kids from play dates.

I. Love. This. Makeover. In all my antique/vintage/thrift store trips distressed window panes seems to be a consistent find, and, while I think the aged patina and wavy leaded glass full of trapped air bubbles is romantically evocative of days gone by I have never been able to bring myself to buy one simply because I can't think of many usages for them other than to hang them as such. Here, my friends, is a GENIUS DIY. Turn the beautiful architectural quality of these panes into a truly original and antiqued mirror to hang in a prominent, eye catching spot in your home. Perfection.  

Looking to stretch your wardrobe and save some money in the process? Seems like an oxymoron? Well it's not. Just because something looks like 1970's grannie in the thrift store doesn't mean that with a little inspiration, motivation, materials, time, and vision it can't become a totally on trend (not trendy) wardrobe staple that will have everyone ooohing and aaahhhing and begging, "where did you buy that?" The ladies over at Secondhand Star (one of my all time favorite blogs) have taken this to a whole new level bringing you daily makeovers of vintage and thrift store finds that are truly inspiring and remarkable. The great thing about this? It doesn't have to be vintage! Before you toss out your entire wardrobe in a I-have-nothing-to-wear-must-start-over-frustration frenzy to Goodwill take a second look at each piece and decide if there is any way you could nip, tuck, die, hem, trim, add, take away...to make it completely new.

Accessories are the cheapest and easiest way to stretch your wardrobe (and dollar) by altering the appearance of basic staples to create multiple looks and style personalities. But, perhaps like me, you are fresh out of college and your new big girl budget simply won't even bulge for the indulgence of the cheapest accessory, you know new necklace or eat today kind of delima. Well, perhaps you should look in your tool box or take a trip to the local hardware store for some ideas and get creative. Use common household items to create edgy metallic rings, necklaces, and bracelets...or, deconstruct old jewelry you have to re purpose the strands, beads, medallions, etc. to something new, modern, and undeniably chic.

Flipping through the pages of Vogue and swooning over designer digs but gasping in horror, disbelief, and hurt seeing the $1000 ish and plus price tag knowing, with sadness in your heart, you will have to settle for Payless? Well with a little creativity and some cheap materials you can revamp things you already own or create cheaper look alike versions for far far far less (as seen here on Cupcakes and Cashmere).

And our final makeover of the day....a little song to put a skip in your step and a melody in your heart, one of my favorite Buddy Holly songs {the original, and the remake (which has currently been playing nonstop in my office)}

Expand your mind. Think out of the box. Get creative. Get inventive.
The possibilities are endless,
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  1. We're so delighted to have discovered your blog as well! And that DIY on the white file cabinet is a MUST for me. (The hubs has an awful, office layout that I'm itching to correct)!Thanks for the shout out! We will be following you as well!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I am beyond honored for you to follow my blog as I admire Secondhand Star and November Grey so much! Yes, the file cabinet makeover is amazing...am currently also looking to redo my own! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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