Out of The Closet II: Spanish Chartreuse

This breathtaking photo of Penelope Cruz in the December 2007 Vogue has long been in my file of inspirational fashion editorials. Classically Spanish the entire look of the shoot is balanced on a tight rope of delicate romanticism and historic cultural significance and fierce bravada and sensual confidence. The dull and grimy hallway evokes a distinct setting and the perfect backdrop to showcase and exhibit a cascading celery green skirt with delicate folds and radiant etherealism as the soft light pours in from the window. The softness of Penelope's silhouette and flawless beauty is juxtaposed with severe attitude as here arms strictly angle back mimicking her opposite in attention as they are seemingly interrupted from the start of a fiery and passionate flamenco. The gorgeous gold embroidery on his classic red matador suite adds necessary embellishment and intricate detailing as well as sublime contrast to Penelope's dress. And, finally, my favorite part, my small glimmer of the peacock blue settee in the background adds the perfect unnoticed accent "pop" to round out the entire aesthetic. A flawless moment captured in time and sincerely Spanish. Perfection.

For this editorial to outfit I have found the most perfect outfit photo {here} from which I have found similar items for you to recreate this look. We have a chartreuse silk blouse {here} paired with an emerald green skirt {here} to evoke the color variations in the silk highlights and billowy folds of Penelope's skirt. A leopard print belt {here} alludes to the detailing in the matador suit, the sexy attitude, and the accentuated waistlines of both ensembles. A tan vest (actually a trench with sleeves cut off in photo) {here} provides the neutral background necessary for all of these bold colors and marries femininity with masculinity, harmoniously. Accented with a turquoise statement necklace (same one from picture) {here} and a poppy red purse (also same) {here} and the look is complete.

To transition that yet again to an interiors, or in this case exterior design perspective we have townhouse doors painted in chartreuse, deep green, onyx, and lemon yellow {here}. To distress the stairs some more and add that aged patina I suggest staining the concrete with shades of turquoise and lime to create a variegated verdigris. Add unique brass knockers {like the ones here} to further enhance the personality of each entrance and to add character, charm, and historic detail. Finally, add red letter slots and terracotta potted geraniums for a vibrant jolt to finish off the look.

tener cuidado y tener un maravilloso fin de semana (take care and have a wonderful weekend)!

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