What A Stud

Looking for a cheap, easy, polished, savvy, slightly edgy, yet totally sophisticated and completely customizable way to spice up, spruce up, and dial up the ooomph of your space? NAILHEADS. Yes, nail heads, rivets, studs, any of the above are the absolutely perfect solution to a sassy space. Why you ask? Well let me get up on my soapbox and preach to you why I LOOOOVVEEE these so much: First of all they are a DIY dream. They range in size from teeny tiny to in-your-face granting you the opportunity to apply subtle detail or powerful va-voom styling. They come individually or already applied to twill tape (whose color can be customized to match, contrast, completely stand out as an accent) also allotting you freedom in determining your spacing desires; small and close together for linear continuity or large and further apart for spatial visual cues and connections that are equally showstopping. The nail heads themselves come in different metallic finishes from the standard brass and nickle to black, white, and even technicolor {Staceage} setting the stage and atmosphere for formality, tradition, playfulness, or sheer eccentricity. Nail heads can also come engraved, embossed, and delicately detailed and shaped for smaller scale applications needing that handcrafted air. You can easily purchase them at your local hardware store. They come in push-pin types, hammer-in types, and glue down types for ease in application. They immediately polish and refine the edges of upholstery items. You can create custom designs and patterns with them. They TRANSFORM plain surfaces. They add undeniable visual interest. They can be applied to furniture, artwork mats, walls, floors, doors, architectural framing, and even clothes. And YOU are the ultimate curator of their final application, look, and feel. So pick your poison and start nailing it down:

unique vintage inspired shapes
riveted wallpaper (LOVE)

detailed upholstered wall


nail heads on architectural trim (beyond fabulous....love, love, love, love this!) great way to add interest to a boring hallway that is perhaps too small for furniture or artwork.


juge up your closet doors and boudoir storage for a dramatic overall look

use it in replace of crown molding on an upholstered wall

or be brave and go bold and use it in replace of all wall molding for amazingly posh style


add details to counter tops

to Ikea furniture (yes that was a plain white Ikea console)

create a breathtaking pattern on chairs

or headboards

or trundle beds

line plain side tables

enhance beautiful curves and shapes

or artwork

or let them stand on their own by adding them to a lucite tray

have some leftovers? stick 'em on your shoes!


Or punk up that old JCrew cardigan in your closet

Get you some,

P.S. And just because it is stuck in my head today, something to hammer to:

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