Baby's Black Balloon


My name is Christina and I am addicted to coffee. While finishing my senior thesis for my BFA merely 5 months ago I was up to an average of five to six cups a day....large cups... no joke. I have successfully weened myself back down to one to two over the summer (despite tremors and certain crankiness at times) however, after a night of sleepless sleep, tossing and turning, and dreams about things I'm sure people probably saw at Woodstock ( I swear someone must have put something in my diner last night) my old faithful cup-o-joe is the only thing that is going to get me through today. So as I down another cup here are some delightfully dark, smooth, full bodied, and richly flavored, savory visual treats to help you perk up too:

1.Modern Balloon Chairs- Quite possibly my favorite chair silhouette...dramatic, daring, avant-garde...
2. Black Diamond Ring- Because sometimes a girl's best friend needs a little sass and a lotta oomph
3. Graphic Necklace- Easy solution to edge up any outfit
4. Studded Cocktail Ring- Because you need a fabulous ring to flash the barista as you down your espresso
5. Black Geronimo Balloon- because my addiction has a particular Goo Goo Dolls song stuck in my head
6. Karl Lagerfeld- because he is spectacularl and shares my affinity for wearing rings on all his appendages
7. Shattered Black French Mani- ask for an extra topcoat of kick-butt at the salon this week.
8. Gold Cup and Saucer- Because you should drink all of your beverages out of a gold cup, seriously.
9.Chain Rings- Here's to hoping this amazingly awesome looking ring doesn't get caught on anything...particularly useful when your coffee hasn't kicked in yet and you need to chain yourself to your coworker to make it back up the stairs from Starbucks to your desk.

Sip On Friends, Sip On,

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