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I am a firm believer that fashion and interior design are intricately linked and that the innate creative ability and primal instinct to combine colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, and styles of clothing with piles of accessories- to create- is not so much different from the foundations of interior design. To allow yourself the freedom to explore those outlets and mediums in each distinction is key to aesthetic success. And, today, I am beyond excited to share with you an interview with one of my all time favorite fashion bloggers, a woman who has truly mastered this art form. I have been following Tanya Dempsey on her blogs November Grey and Secondhand Star for a long time now. I discovered her blog, somehow someway, when searching for project inspiration one day and I immediately became hooked. In a world where fashion blogging has taken social media streams by storm it is refreshing to come across someone with such a pure creative instinct (not to mention someone who clearly has her priorities of what is really important in life in check). While many fashion bloggers combine the latest and greatest trends and must haves (in fabulous ways - totally dig all those too!) Tanya takes a much different approach. Scouring vintage and thrift stores for unique pieces and $1 finds she takes to the sewing machine to breathe new life into old finds creating truly unparalleled stylings by combining them with various level price point clothing items and accessories. Her style is distinctly her own. You see readers, where many fashion bloggers seek the fashion label and price tag Tanya seeks the fashion potential and that, dahhlin', is the definition of undeniably fabulous personal style.
 {An Introduction...}
Name: Tanya Dempsey

Where you currently live {and how you ended up there}:

Venice Beach, California. I've been living in LA for over a decade and when I met my now husband, he lived in an adorable little beach bungalow with a roommate. When we decided to get serious, I moved in (he kicked his roomie out) and we've lived here ever since.  (Now the old roommate's room is for our 2 year old daughter!)

Current career {and how you chose that path}:
I work part time for Calypso St Barth as a design associate and freelance as a stylist, mostly helping every day women (and a few celebs) clean out their closets, decide what they need (and don't need) to make their wardrobe work, then I convince them to shop in thrift to find interesting (and affordable!) pieces, along with designer items. I just started a business with a very good friend, Noa Bolozky called Secondhand Star. We take vintage and thrifted fashion pieces and redesign them into one of a kind garments! We show you how we do it on www.secondhandstar.com
{Secondhand Star ladies}

Name of your blog/business:
I have a personal fashion/lifestyle blog called November Grey (www.novembergrey.com) and I am also co owner of the blog/business Secondhand Star (www.secondhandstar.com)

The color that defines you most is:

If you could come home to a living room filled with flowers what flower would that be?
Casablanca Lilies

What 5 designers do you dig?  {any industry: fashion, interiors, architecture, etc}:
Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Chloe, Chanel, Marchesa

What blogs do you frequent most?
Karla's Closet (obsessed with her unique vintage finds), Cupcakes and Cashmere (so inspired by her impeccable taste), Love Aesthetics (A 23 yr old fashionista from the Netherlands with wicked style and amazing photography)

What is a quote {by anyone} that has significantly resonated with your life, ambitions, morals, hopes, etc?
“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” Goethe

Your all-time favorite song is:
Ah! I could never pick just one. Probably the song that made me fall in love with my husband, and the one we danced to on our wedding night. "Ain't No Reason" by Brett Dennen

 {Get Down to Business}
What inspired you to start blogging {and how long you have been blogging}?
Just over a year ago a good friend of my sister's said that I should start a blog because she loved my style and pictures I posted on facebook. She said she would read it every day. And still does!

 A one sentence statement of advice for new bloggers/ or a one sentence statement of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs {and sequential explanation of said statement if needed/desired}:
Don't pay attention to how many followers or comments you have. Don't compare yourself or blog to others. Just keep writing and posting about what makes you happy and success will come if it's meant to. Just do it for yourself.

What has been the most defining moment so far in your career/blogging experience?
The possibility of getting my own reality show based upon my partnership and blogging work.
Are there any moments in your blogging/business career that you regret, wish you would have done differently, would have been better prepared to handle if you knew then what you know now…etc. and why?
Nope. So far... yikes!

{Style Defined}
If you could define style {generally speaking} in one word what would it be? And why?
Eclectic. My style is such a mix of all things I love from different era's, designers and feelings based upon my mood. I am a sucker for 60's and 70's chic... I'm a more refined bohemian, I guess.

If you could define {YOUR} design aesthetic in one sentence what would it be?
Artistic glamour.

 Your go-to wardrobe basics are:
Boho dress that's easy to wear, vest, leopard flats

For a night on the town or important event you immediately grab:                         from your closet.
A killer vintage dress and high, high heels.

 5 things your house would not be a home without:
My hubs, my daughter, my two dogs, my coffee maker and my wardrobe.

 What creature comfort {fashion, technology, home/d├ęcor items, etc.} can’t you get through the day without?
A glass (or two!) of good wine at the end of the night.

4 things you are currently craving:
Perfect black leggings/tights for fall and winter, Riding Boots,  statement necklace, perfect buttery leather cropped jacket

{Today, & Someday…}
 What is one thing you do that helps you to live in/enjoy the now?
Just looking at my daughter and how she views the world.

 What is one thing you are thankful for/have been blessed with today?
A happy little girl.

If you could go back in time and thank someone for the influence they had on your life {whether they knew it or not, or whether you knew them or not} today who would that be and why {family, friend, teacher, coworker, celebrity, industry professional, etc}?
Probably my drama teacher in high school. She taught me to feel proud of my talent.

Your perfect vacation would be:
 Ritz Carlton anywhere!

 If you could live anywhere in the world it would be:
I've never been, but I'm going to take a guess and say that Barcelona, Spain would suit me just fine.

 The craziest thing on your bucket list is:
Oh, man... I need to do a bucket list!

 To this day, the funniest/craziest/most exciting thing you have ever done is:
Audition for a cabaret dance group.

 What is making you smile today? the Venice Beach sunshine and the sound of a tiny giggle.

Thank you so much for allowing us a peak inside your life,
your loves, your passions, and your inspirations today!
You are truly a rare and wonderful gem!

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