Designer Feature: Johnson Hartig

Johnson Hartig is one of the masterminds and co-designers behind Libertine, an ecologically friendly fashion line heavily emphasizing the revolution of graphic implementation, the deconstruction of classic silhouettes, and most importantly, recycling. His witty and daring take on the fashion world has landed him an established fashion powerhouse, and the praises of Anna Wintour, John Galliano, and Karl Lagerfeld.

By definition, "A libertine is one devoid of most moral restraints, which are seen as unnecessary or undesirable, especially one who ignores or even spurns accepted morals and forms of behavior sanctified by the larger society. Libertines, also known as rakes, placed value on physical pleasures, meaning those experienced through the five senses. "Libertine" is defined today as "a dissolute person; usually a person who is morally unrestrained"." And that most certainly describes the brand's designs and the eclectically charming and graphically stimulating decor of Hartig's 1920's LA home.

I became completely obsessed with Hartig's home years ago as it graced the cover of my beloved Domino with its sleek white interior juxtaposed with the original bones and structural integrity of this gem of a home. Not to mention the hefty helping of Damien Hirst spin art, ceramic foo dogs, Lucite tables, gallery wall collections, chevron printed mid century chairs, vintage crystal candelabras, and antique settee...all artfully paired and effortlessly combined...all completely unique and signature to Hartig's aesthetic direction and design persona.  Perfection, I am sure.

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Despite the obviously fashionable aesthetic appeal, my favorite part of Hartig's home is that he keeps it completely personal to himself. He displays his artwork haphazardly as he sees fit not limiting himself to the constrictions of symmetry or "gallery etiquette." He scatters his beloved ceramic collection throughout his home with a large concentration on his kitchen counter tops, his bookshelves, and even his bathroom floor. They are not restricted to only being displayed on shelving or only being displayed a few at a time. They are everywhere! The decor of his home isn't binding to the interior trends and magazine fads but rather is totally representative of his style, taste, and personality whether that be in style or not. His home collections and furnishings are varied, eccentric, and unique. If he is visually drawn to it and inspired by it he puts it in his home...doesn't have to match, doesn't have to be the same period piece...and it works. And that is the most important thing. Keep your home true to you, surround yourself with things that inspire you, that make you happy, that bring you joy and comfort....whether it is "on trend" or not. IT'S YOUR HOME. Make it reflect YOU. Not some celebrity from a glossy page.

When designing YOUR home don't forget to include Y O U, 

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