Haute Hue: Green and Gold

I'm having a moment... a GREEN & GOLD moment...

I love me a great deco statement piece and was searching out fabulous vintage jewelry for inspiration the other day when I realized that every piece I pulled from every archive and every source and every style era showcased a dazzling composition of deep malachite and emerald,  mottled peridot, or minty jade and chalcedony set, of course, with yellow gold. There is a reason my friends that this spectacular marriage of elegant hues has withstood the test of time and cemented itself as an "unexpected" classic. It is regal, stately, dramatic, daring, eye catching, showstopping, and commanding while simultaneously sophisticated-ly demure. Green & Gold is an understated elegance. It certainly captivates, but, "without trying too hard." Let us observe:

See, I told you.

and how fitting that the foggy, grey, rainy skies have parted to this
crisp, warm, buttery yellow sunshine today...this gorgeous, gorgeous light peaking through the leaves...

{all images except 2nd to last via Pinterest}

Enjoy the Sunshine Today,

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