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Social and human rights activist, goodwill ambassador, actress, fashion icon, muse, married to the legendary Rolling Stones front man...and most definitely one of my top fashion/role models:

B I A N C A   J A G G E R


Effortlessly chic bohemianism and disco decadence...Bianca defined the 1970's fashion scene.With high cheekbones and full lips and draped in Grecian gowns and maxi suits she easily held her own against her famous hubby.


This fall the trend is definitely headed back towards this era of style with wide leg trousers, floppy hats, and feathered accessories and I am totally not opposed to hopping on this hippie bandwagon! A sincere sense of liberation and freedom comes with the swish and sway of loosely layered eccentricities and piles of vintage inspired accessories. A surge of fierce independence, open hearted and unguarded love, and open minded persuasions seems to be intertwined in the nubby knits of fall...


But this fashion trend and lifestyle faction is not limited to your autumn attire. Eclectic arrangements of vintage and nature inspired accoutrements along with a deep pile rug and a hefty helping of woven throw pillows and blankets and you will surely be basking like Bianca in no time:




Some DD&D approved fashion and home accessories to add a little Bianca-boho-ness to your life:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Peace, Love, and Style,

P.S. Just because I've been jamming to it all morning:

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