Hauntingly Haute

With exactly one week until Halloween I decided to give you lovelies a stylish shopping list of swanky and sophisticatedly spooky things to juge up your party decor. Personally, I am not a huge Halloween person as in the whole blood, guts, gore, and gruesome body limbs stuff completely grosses me out and jump starts my gagging (the candy part I'm totally on board with). I prefer my Halloween to consist of elegant finger foods (no pun intended), champagne, and loads of glitz and glitter. I prefer my "skeletons" to be artfully drawn medical sketches, my "spiders" to be in the form of deep plum colored spider mums and sexy lace table overlays, and my "blood" to be in the form of a vase of blood red Calla lillies or a blood orange cocktail. The key to a suave and savvy spook fest? Keep everything black and glossy and accent with all things gold and glittery, minimize the use of plastic party store decor, bright orange, and cheap accessories and focus on dramatic, slightly Gothic inspired pieces that command the space with their size and substance.

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And, if you have some extra time this week between finalizing your costume and finishing your decor I strongly suggest you go craft crazy and paint your pumpkins with some stylish Missoni inspired chevron, a colorful suzani, or some classy black and white ikat, they are FABOOLOUS.


Stay Hauntingly Haute,

P.S. Special thanks to Olivia Fortson for the November feature in SouthPark Magazine check it out for some more festive decor tips and tricks by yours truly!


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  2. Those pumpkins are amazing!! Glad I found your site through the link up! Really cute and following you on pinterest! Happy Halloween!

  3. Style Outside the Box- would love to! thanks for stopping by!

  4. Squash Blossom Babies- the artist who did them is amazing- I can't wait to try them on my own pumpkins too! Thanks for stopping by looking forward to getting to know you! Happy Halloween to you as well!

  5. cute!!! love, from follower fest :) http://myabrucedesigns.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mya-Bruce-Designs/113429518702303

  6. Thanks for checking out both the blogs, Mya! looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog!

  7. What fantastic pumpkins!!! I am a terrible painter, so I will ooh and ahh from afar! lol

    I am your newest follower from the Fall Fest :-) Hope you are having a great day (ours is snowy - makes me question if it is Christmas and not Halloween in a few days - lol)
    Antonella :-)

  8. hi, i am over from the follow fest. and am now following you! yeah! i love your header, it is one of my favorites i have seen, really cool.

  9. Antonella- I know those pumpkins are gorgeous! Trying them on my own tonight! make sure to check out the link below the pic for the artist that made them shes amazing! and snow!? already!? my goodness not ready for that yet for sure! stay warm!

    Jessica- thanks for your sweet comment and welcome to the blog!


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