Inspirations: Words to Live By

The prodigy that was Steve Jobs has tragically passed away leaving behind a wake of ingenious products and technology that has forever changed the face and innerworkings of this modern day society. Not only was Jobs a technological behemoth but he set a new standard for entrepreneurs and businesses alike for what real pride and care of your product/ service looks like, what real concern and consideration of your consumer looks like, what  morale and performance boosting methodology for a passionate and engaged employee workforce looks like, and what pure desire to design and create looks like striped down and compartmentalized from the societal stigmas of money and fame...we should all strive to learn and be so lucky to adopt even a glimmer of his entrepreneurial mindset, design creativity, and passion for innovation.

So, in honor of the seemingly insurmountable bars he set for all designers of any field or media, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners here are ten quotes from the late Jobs that should inspire, encourage, and motivate you to push through to obstacles in the way of your own vision:

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Pure. Unadulterated. Vision.

Today, re-evaluate and re-align your business happenings and personal priorities. Are they in line with where they should be?  Set some goals. Grow some thick skin. And run full speed ahead.

Embrace Your Inner Jobs,

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