Textural Trend: Faux Fur

I have a serious love affair with fur. No, wait, calm down PETA I'm talkin' faux, man made, no-animals-harmed-in- the-production-of-this fur. Faux fur blankets, throws, bedding, and pillows add the perfect touch of luxe sophistication and understated elegance to any space not to mention deliciously cozy texture and soft dimensional quality. My favorite faux fur implementation has to be when it is introduced in an all white or completely neutral environment; nothing, I am sure, looks more impeccable than that (although bold hints of deep jewel tones also look undeniably ritzy). Take a gander, yourself:

Upholster a chair in it:
{Ryan Korban}

Effortlessly drape it over the edge of a sofa:
Ryan Korban

Or lay it on the cushion of a chair seat for a dramatic emphasis:
source unknown 

Lay your throws down as-is and don't fuss with perfection in folding or presentation, effortless draping is key:

Use it as a bed cover:

As accent pillows:
{Ryan Korban}

Or both:
{Ryan Korban}

{Missoni bedding for Rachel Zoe's home} 

Select colorful fur to playfully drape over the back of your desk chair:

And to cushion your seating:

Drape it over lucite dining chairs for ethereal elegance:

Or, simply buy a trendy fall faux fur vest and accent it with a killer green clutch: 

Cozy up dahlings,

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